Covergirl 3-in-1 Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation Review

Covergirl 3-in-1 Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation Review

Behold, the highly covetted, and much hyped foundation: Covergirl 3-in-1 Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation

Foundation comparisons (L to R): Covergirl Outlast Stay fabulous foundation (Golden Tan), MAC Matchmaster Foundation (5.0), Mac Prolongwear Foundation (NC 40)



So that is what the foundation looked like on initial application. If you watched my review on it, then you would know what I think about this foundation however I’ll do a recap for those who havent:


+ cheap cheap cheap! At $20 RRP, this is a steal! Compared to the much dearer price of $39 for the Revlon, this literally craps all over revlon for the great quality at such a low price point!
+ Matte (currently a plus for me as my skin has been horrendous – however I feel like its almost a rarity to come across a nice oil-controlling matte foundation at the drugstore!)
+ Amazing blendibility. It’s a much much thinner consistency than the revlon colorstay so I feel like for beginners, this will work to your advantage as it would make it easier to blend out and therefore reduce cake-yness!
+ Pump. nuff said.
+ Good colour selection (available overseas…)
+ Decent longevity. I believe the selling point of this is as a “longwearing” foundation formulation (hence outlast, stay fabulous) and it does do a decent job at staying in place and not disappearing. Mind you in the video I did say I noticed some oilyness happening, but when I actually touched my face i couldnt actually feel any oil! So whether that was just my highlighter, I dont know! But I think the longevity is good as a drugstore longwear formulation, however it certainly does not exceed other higher end brands.


– Poor colour selection (in Australia…)
– Can be overly drying for normal/dry skin girls!
– I’ve heard it oxidises (nothing too drastic that I’ve noticed though)
Ridiculously hyped up – but it’s not like I can blame that on the foundation right?

Literally I’m racking my brains out trying to find cons for this foundation and I cant find any! It’s really quite a good great foundation especially for being only $15 AUD from the drugstore! Well done Covergirl for keeping costs low, unlike a certain other braind *coughrevloncough*

Foundation after 8 hours (as if you didnt already have enough pics of my face right? LOL)

I swear to you, it looks sooo oily here but barely any oil transferred! It was crazy weird!

So thats it, no more pictures I swear!! haha. Hope you guys enjoyed that, and if you havent seen the video yet please do check it out. I show you how I put the foundation on and my first impressions!

First Product Empties!

First Product Empties!

So this may be new to some, and a very regular thing for others… but here I am to present to you all my first ever product EMPTIES video/post!

As I have mentioned in my video, I very rarely finish a product completely (mainly because I go off and open a new product) so if you’re ever in my room, you will see millions of half empty foundations/powders/slightly used blushes… etc! It’s a mess.
But alas, I finally finished my first MAC product and I am thrilled. I was so excited that I hit pan that I already wanted to purchase a back up… but decided that I probably should try to finish up the other already half used products.
I’m hoping that this will motivate me to keep at the products and try to finish them… but is it just me or do some people find other people go through makeup products so quickly?? I mean, do some people eat them or something? Because I remember I would watch them haul it, and nek minnit it’s in their empties! I’m just wondering if I’m doing something wrong because nothing seems to finish on me! haha. Alright, so enough with the rambling… onto the post!


Products I’ve finished this month:

If you haven’t seen the video, I’ve included it here:

What’s on my face:

– Ever Bilena clear mascara
– Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick in 112

So that’s it! I will try to accompany all my new videos with a blogpost with details of what makeup I’m wearing and such so people can refer here for those details. Also because when some people ask it’s already been so long that I’ve forgotten!
Also, I’ve finally got the book I was talking about in my previous post. So I’ll be having a browse through that tonight, and hopefully get some inspiration 🙂
Righteo, that’s all for now folks! Until next time 🙂



Hi all!

Here I am again, trying to resuscitate this damn blog. I dont know what it is about blogging but I sure find it more tedious that making videos! I think it’s the whole uploading pictures onto a website, then physically linking each one! haha.

But I really like the idea of blogs because not only can just just Command+F or Ctrl+F something you’re looking for, there are pictures!

Anyways, this is just to let you guys know I’m officially jumping back on the blogging bandwagon. I’ve actually gone ahead and purchased BLOG INC as was recommended by Viviana. So hopefully that will spark some motivation in me! Otherwise how does everyone feel about blogging? Dont get me wrong, I’m always turning to blogs for swatches, reviews – so I love them and find them absolutely valuable and I want something like that for people to refer to…. but damn it’s tedious?? haha.

So the point of this was just to post my recent video details on what I was wearing on my face. If you havent seen it yet, check out my March Favourites on my youtube channel!

Products shown (in order)

Use discount code “OZA493” for $10 off your first purchase!
MAC Samples can be bought here:
– Ever Bilena Clear Mascara
– NYX Soft Matte Lip cream in London and Addis Abiba (
BeautyJoint discount code: “HEYYYJUNE”

What’s on my face:

– Ever Bilena studio stick foundation as concealer
– False eyelashes
– Ever Bilena clear mascara
– NYX round lipstick in Chic Red
Also, so many people have been contacting me about the giveaway winner, and my sincere apologies for taking so long! I just havent had the time to sit down and go through all the comments, and physically list it on

and the winner issss……



 photo image_zps2fab90e1.jpg

If you are LindaDiva43, please check your youtube inbox as I have emailed you regarding postage details. If you do not respond within 48 hrs I will redraw the winner.

Thanks for entering everyone, I’m sorry it took so long! <3

My brother does my makeup tag!

My brother does my makeup tag!

For those who are subscribers of my youtube channel, you’ve probably already seen my most recent video where my brother JP did my makeup. So I’m just here, 2 days later, complimenting that video with a blog post.

Firstly, for those who have not seen the video yet, here it is:

I had so much fun doing this TAG and I’m so glad JP was able to do it with me. He was actually really keen which was awesome. And from the looks of the comments, so many of you guys enjoyed it too which was so good to hear. I honestly thought it may not be as funny to you guys as it was for us but thankfully you found it just as hilarious 😀

And ofcourse, what kind of makeup look would it be without beauty shots??

And of course what kind of sister would I be if I didnt share the love right? So please check out his channel which I’ll include below. He loves to dance and he’s just recently started choreographing his own moves. I’ve never been great at choreographed dancing so I can only imagine how difficult it is to create the actual choreography yourself. I keep teasing him that he’ll have to teach me some moves sometime… LOL. That’ll probably never happen considering I suck at anything remotely choreographed. haha!

Well, I think that’s it for the shameless plugs. Before I leave just wanted to ask you guys for an opinion. I want to start scheduling some videos that hopefully will come out ever week/2weeks BUT the problem right now is that I had filmed some videos before leaving the philippines which I forgot to bring with me on my break to edit. So ofcourse, it’s kind of out of date, but I do still want to put them up (they’re hauls). Just not sure if I should wait after the videos I filmed in the philippines, or just put them up now and the rest of the videos i filmed in the philippines later? I’m leaning more towards just putting them up after I’ve put up all of the videos I filmed in the phils. To be honest, I should probs just scrap it. But such a waste!

Anyways, that was probably confusing as heck but if you can offer an opinion that’d be great. I’m seriously TRYING to ween myself off of YT so I can concentrate more on uni but it’s so hard considering I have all this footage that needs editing and I feel like it’s such a waste to just … leave them be. -sigh- Editing kills me ;_; I suck at it so much and it takes me hours! boo.

 Well, we’ll see how this week goes and then I’ll figure out what to do from there 🙂 But for now, I bid you all a goodnight! (or goodmorning?)

Playing with polkadots!

Playing with polkadots!
So this is the second part of my “Mixed Prints” post… however this ended up  being the first part of my youtube video uploads (confusing much?)
This time I want to show you how you can go about mixing polka dots. I seriously adore the polka dots. Stripes and Polkadots are probably the most classic of all prints and if you’re new to prints, invest in these pieces. You can easily mix them with other prints, textures, bold colours – the styling options are endless.
Here I’m showing you how you can go day to night with the same top (actually a dress). I’ve only shown you two pieces, but you can wear a nice pair of leather pants with it, high waisted shorts, midi-skirt – I kid you not, they will just about go with anything. Polkadots also come in all sorts of apparel – dresses, skirts, pants; and of course they come in all sorts of sizes (big polkadots and small polka dots), and different colours!
Dont be afraid to be bold and try to put together different pieces that you dont think will naturally work together. Find a way of tidying the look together with common ground – eg: colours/similar hues, similar accents/theme. Again, if all else fails, mixing prints together with a neutral colour palette ALWAYS works 😀
Hat – Sportsgirl | Polkadot Chiffon Dress – From Japan | Leopard Print Skirt – Cotton On | Tan Peep-toe Mary Janes – Payless | Leather Bucket Bag – Thrifted | Multiple Crosses Necklace – Regal Rose | Dream Catcher Necklace – Markets


Metallic Choker – Lovisa | Polkadot Chiffon Dress (worn as a top) – From Japan | Leopard Print Metallic skirt – Supre | Clutch – Sportsgirl | Heels – New look (Actually would have preferred to wear nude/gold pumps instead of black strappy sandals in retrospect)

PS – I apologise for my awful state. Hair Styling wise, I would have curled my hair with a side part and all of the curls falling to the side 🙂
Anyways, sorry again for the unedited pictures. So lazy. I didnt even bother to crop them (naughty me). But hope you guys enjoy nonetheless, and if you’re a visual person, dont forget to check out my youtube video on it! 😀
xoxo June