What’s on my Birthday Wishlist!

It’s less than a week until my birthday, and of course there’s nothing like getting all excited about some birthday presents. I turn 27 on the 20th of July. Geez. I never do wishlists, but this time around I thought it would be fun to just do a visual list of all the things I’m lusting after (just in case anyone is interested).

Now this is actually a list primarily for myself, and I very rarely expect presents from anyone else. My birthday has really now just become another day where I turn a year older, and most importantly an excuse to treat myself & buy something expensive (as if I don’t do it plenty enough already according to my boyfriend…HA…)

Anyways, here it is because who doesn’t love lists, right?



  1. Balenciaga Metallic City Edge in Black with Silver Hardware – If you watch my youtube channel regularly, you may remember mentioning this bag a few times on my previous videos. Namely any time I mention my wishlist. I have been looking at this bag for quite sometime, and it has been an absolute struggle to find it in the Black with Silvery hardware! I have always lusted after a traditional Balenciaga City bag ever since I’ve followed fashion bloggers. I think it’s one of those classic handbags in my eyes. Que in Alexander Wand and he absolutely transform this bag into the fresh new modern look, and it just blows my mind. As soon as I saw it, I was instantly gravitated towards it. Just love this bag!
  2. Chanel Wallet on Chain – Now I dont know why I’ve been obssessing over this bag so much lately especially since I already have the Chanel Mini Square… but honestly I cant stop watching videos on it, what’s in my bags, and looking up blog posts on it. Its another one of those bags I cant stop thinking about. Unfortunately as stunning as she is, it doesnt come with it’s drawbacks primarily it’s absolutely loooooong chain, which has been a deal breaker for many petite girls like myself. However, when I’m obssessed with a bag, I’m almost unstoppable. So watch this space! ahaha.
  3. Byredo Bal D’afrique – I’ve been meaning to purchase this fragrance ever since I smelled it almost 2 years ago. Unfortunately the hefty price tag has always left me empty handed. But I think a birthday is a good occassion as any to buy a ridiculously expensive but gorgeous perfume don’t you? Its a beautiful mix of musk/vanilla with hint of fresh citrus is what I can remember this smelling like.
  4. Saint Laurent Card Holder – How gorgeous is this card holder? Ever since I got the Mon Purse Card Holder I’ve been looking for a more statement cardholder such as this YSL one. I love the simple chevron design, and the gold hard ware just makes this such a classy looking leather piece. It’s also in the pebbled leather which I’ve heard is perfect for everyday use. Also, I’ve found that it’s the most affordable from Selfridges for only $240 AUD (not including shipping – as it’s tax free!)
  5. Louis Vuitton Card Holder – Another staple SLG. You probably dont need more than 1 card holder, but I just cant seem to stray away from the gorgeousness of the Louis Vuitton Monogram. Another classic piece, and I really cant decide between this or the YSL. However I’m leaning more towards the YSL purely for the fact that I already have SO many LV Monogram SLG’s!
  6. Louis Vuitton Key Pouch – I just need this. Full stop. I already have it in the DE, but it’s such a versatile piece, I also want it in the monogram. You can use it for cards, for coins, for headphones, for your hair accessories, or even turn it into a cute little makeup essentials pouch like I do! The usability is endless. Every time I go into LV I want this, but I always seem to get distracted buying other things!
  7. Gucci Jordaan Loafers – Now I’m honestly not one to invest in shoes, but this if there’s one style that I’ll spend my money on it would be a decent pair of designer loafers that will take me through the years. And these Gucci ones have my name on them. Actually, I’m torn between a few Gucci Loafer styles, but these ones are the most trendy at the moment.
  8. Chanel Brooch – Another piece that I’ve hand on my wishlist since who knows when. Unfortunately I dont have a Chanel store nearby, and I would love to get this for an occasion. I know it’s literally just an overpriced piece of costume jewelry, but helloit’s chanel. Place it on any piece of clothing and it will instantly elevate any outfit. I’ve seen it on bags, on jackets, on shirts, on hats, on scarves – so versatile! So yes, it might be overpriced for what it is, but if it’s functional I think it’ll be worth it!
  9. All Saints Balfern Leather Jacket – Ahhh the black leather jacke; A staple piece in any wardrope. This is a blogger favourite, and I need it in my life. I’ve heard great things – and unfortutely that’s as close as I’ve come to touching this jacket. Having no physical allsaints store, or a boutique (that I’m aware of) that sells the brand, I’m not able to physically try it on, which is a major drawback. With leather jackets its always about the fit. Sometimes some are better sized up or down… and different styles suit different people. This is probably the most talked about, and I’m assuming it’s for a reason. If anybody has owned this before, would love to know your opinion on the sizing! Go true to size/go up/go down??
  10. Apple Macbook Pro – And last but not least, I need a new computer. This isn’t even a want, it’s a genuine need. I’m currently using an Apple Macbook pro from 2009. Mind you it’s still functioning… but only just. Believe me though, I love this macbook, scratches and all, but I would love to be able to edit my videos on a macbook instead of always having to edit on the iMac. Because you know, sometimes you just want to be in bed editing, or you dont want to have to wait 10 minutes for a picture to load/save. So yes, definately more a need than a want!

So that’s it! The 10 items I’m currently lusting after for my birthday. Again, this isn’t a wishlist made to take too seriously. I just thought it’d be fun to do a blogpost in preparation for my birthday. And besides, there’s only really one person I want seeing this wishlist… *coughleoncough* ahaha. JKS.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you’re currently lusting after? Or what do you guys think of my wishlist? And for any July babies out there… Happy birthday to US!! xoxo


Shoe obsessed?

I dont know what it is, but something about a lovely pair of shoes just gets me so excited. There’s nothing like the finding the perfect pair of heels that goes with with every outfit and every occasion. Now I am a self-proclaimed shoe addict, and I am agreeable to saying that no woman needs the number of shoes I own. However, dont they just make you happy??

So the point of all of this? A company contacted me to peruse through their website for anything I was interested in, and on first impression, it was reminiscent of sheinside.com and romwe.com. So already, I was at the very minimum; interested. But as I browsed through, I noticed they had extensive “shoes” section and ladies, I must show you some of the gems in stock!

My PERSUNMALL Wishlist Shoe List

I love last two styles and I also adore the first style – however I would much prefer it in a white as I already have a similar pair that I bought from ASOS. One negative however is that the prices of some of these shoes are not cheap – going up to $100+. But true to the style of romwe and other such websites, there are discount codes for spending over a certain amount which is fantastic. (I would cheekily recommend breaking up the order if it’s over $200 so that you can get more $$ off 😉 haha)
At this point, I can not really comment on the quality of shoes – but I am inclined to order a pair so when those arrive I will let you know. So definitely watch this space! I’ve actually had good luck in the past from ordering from shoes from these types of websites – so my hopes are high.

The selection of clothing pieces are not as varied and numerous as sheinside.com and romwe.com but I must say that I do rate the wide range of bags available on the website – there are definitely some cute styles in there! 
So there you go. This was just a heads up incase some were interested in shoes as the styles really caught my eye. Has anyone ordered from Persunmall before? If so – what are your thoughts?

Current Romwe Sale

Current Romwe Sale

Just a heads up about the romwe sale currently happening

Right now-get a second pair of leggings for HALF PRICE… 
 Oh, your Bestie is gonna love them! 
 What are you waiting for? Go to ROMWE! 

Use code: second50% 
One order can only contain 2 pairs. Limited supply! First come, first served! 
From April 10th to 12th. 

I’ve actually just been browsing romwe and there were definitely pieces that caught my eye.

Here’s my ROMWE.COM Wishlist:

What are your picks from romwe?

Hello everyone, it’s been a while.

Hello everyone, it’s been a while.
So it has definitely been too long since my last blog post, and many apologies for that. However, the past few weeks I was having problems with flickr which is where I upload my photos, and furthermore I’ve just generally felt a bit too lazy to blog. I really want to change the layout of my blog because it’s just so… blah.
First and foremost, I want to say thank you to the overwhelming number of responses I got (and still get) from my past posts. I’m really so lucky to have stumbled onto the world of youtube and blogging and to have received so much support from people I have never met, but I regard as my friends. Really is amazing.
Anyways, I just wanted to update this because it’s embarassing how dead it is at the moment. So here’s an outfit post for you all, showing how I wore this gorgeous newlook top that I featured in my fashion haul video which I will include a link to below as well.

Asymmetric Top – New Look (Sold out)
Faux Leather Shorts – Goodnight Macaroon
Alexander Wang Inspired Bag – Ebay (Real AW Rocco: here)

PS – Before anyone comments, it’s not ALWAYS cold where I live. In fact, it’s been quite hot & humid the past couple of days 🙁

As if that wasnt bad enough, I have been terrible and shopping so much this month too! I think because it’s my birthday month that I’m just secretly telling myself that it’s acceptable. I’ve actually purchased a bunch of stuff online that hopefully will be coming soon so I can film yet ANOTHER haul! haha. I’ll probably have to break it up into parts because there’s so much.
But as always, there are still always items that are somewhat out of our reach but we always lust for. My biggest debate is whether I want to invest in a rose gold watch. I love the highly coveted MK Rose gold watches, but I havent been able to bring myself to spend the $$$. And if I do get one, not sure if I should go for the trendy “Rose Gold” or if I should stick to the ever so reliable “Gold”. Please let me know your opinions! And if you have one, how much do you LOVE it? haha.

And of course, I want the ever so popular double strap Zara heels that can be found almost ANYWHERE. Not sure who started it (Alexander Wang?) but I love the simple minimalistic but classy feel to it. I’m actually currently bidding on a pair on ebay, so wish me luck!!
Well, i think i’ll end it here for now. Goodnight y’all!