Ecotools Fresh & Flawless complexion set

Ecotools Fresh & Flawless complexion set

HI there everyone! This is just a follow up post to give an overview of the Ecotools Fresh & Flawless complexion set that I used in my most recent Chit Chat getting ready / vlogtorial video.

So I bought this set from iherb which is where I’ve bought all my real techniques and ecotools brushes. It’s an amazing place to find the cheapest rates for these brushes (which let’s be honest, can be a little overpriced in Australia). You can purchase the set of brushes for $16 AUD here: CLICK

Full Powder Brush

So I’ll start of with the powder brush. It’s a nice fluffy and soft little brush that you can use to apply any of your powder products – blush, bronzer, finishing powder. It’s a little less dense than I would have liked, so when you apply bronzers and blushes it applies the colour quite sheer.Also because it has a lot of give and flexibility it’s sometimes hard to blend out face products. So if your bronzer/blush applies patchy, it would be difficult to blend out the hard lines using this. The density of this brush is truly more suited towards applying setting powders/finishing powders than blush and bronzers. Nonetheless, a beautifully soft brush and that still gets the job done.

Complexion blending brush

This is by far my favourite brush from the set. It’s a small paddle-shaped fluffy but dense brush. I’ve been using this brush for the past few weeks as my foundation brush. It works wonderfully despite it’s small size. According to ecotools, you use this brush primarily to blend the foundation after applying it with the precision foundation brush. That being said, you can just skip the foundation brush all together and apply foundation straight with this. It really does just buff the foundation out creating a lovely flawless finish. The application reminds me of something like the MAC 109 brush, but in the shape of the real techniques expert face brush. You can use it for liquid, cream and powder foundation! As you can see from the pictures below it’s pinched on the sides giving it a paddle shape, This means it also works great to contour under the cheeks.  I really rate this brush and hands down the best from the set.

Precision Foundation Brush

Now if you see this in real life, almost would not believe that anybody would be in their right mind suggesting to use this as a foundation brush. It’s absolutely TINY! It would be almost impossible to apply foundation with this! However, I wouldnt give this a miss just yet! It actually is amazing at applying concealer under the eyes! It has a wonderfully pointed tip, which gives you absolute precision. And even though it’s too small as a foundation brush, it actually is the perfect size for a concealer brush! It’s really quite a wonderful little brush.

Flat Concealer Brush

Now this was supposed to be the brush used to apply concealer – and it works just fine for that. However I’ve actually been reaching for this to apply shadow on the lid (like how I use most of my other flat concealer brushes). It’s just your classic synthetic stiff flat brush. There’s really not too much more to say about this brush, but it’s hard to really go wrong with brushes like this.4

Concealer Buffing Brush

And finally the last brush but certainly not the least, is the concealer buffing brush. Now for those familiar with the sigma mini flat top concealer brushes and the sedona lace buffing concealers, this is very reminiscent of those. It’s purpose is similar to the foundation blending brush, which is to buff and blend out the concealer once it’s already on the skin. It’s flat top also makes it perfect for stippling on concealer to your blemishes for spot concealing. It’s quite a small brush so I’ve also been able to use it in my crease to blend out my shadows. Very versatile!

What’s the verdict? 100% recommend!

If you guys couldnt already tell, love this cute little brush set, and for the price available on iherb it’s totally worth it! A wonderful brush set that is compact and travel friendly, but still very versatile and functional! 

And it all fits in this cute little pouch here!

Believe it or not, there’s 13 brushes in there! Stay tuned for my post on the othere brushes in this pouch! 😉

Covergirl 3-in-1 Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation Review

Covergirl 3-in-1 Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation Review

Behold, the highly covetted, and much hyped foundation: Covergirl 3-in-1 Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation

Foundation comparisons (L to R): Covergirl Outlast Stay fabulous foundation (Golden Tan), MAC Matchmaster Foundation (5.0), Mac Prolongwear Foundation (NC 40)



So that is what the foundation looked like on initial application. If you watched my review on it, then you would know what I think about this foundation however I’ll do a recap for those who havent:


+ cheap cheap cheap! At $20 RRP, this is a steal! Compared to the much dearer price of $39 for the Revlon, this literally craps all over revlon for the great quality at such a low price point!
+ Matte (currently a plus for me as my skin has been horrendous – however I feel like its almost a rarity to come across a nice oil-controlling matte foundation at the drugstore!)
+ Amazing blendibility. It’s a much much thinner consistency than the revlon colorstay so I feel like for beginners, this will work to your advantage as it would make it easier to blend out and therefore reduce cake-yness!
+ Pump. nuff said.
+ Good colour selection (available overseas…)
+ Decent longevity. I believe the selling point of this is as a “longwearing” foundation formulation (hence outlast, stay fabulous) and it does do a decent job at staying in place and not disappearing. Mind you in the video I did say I noticed some oilyness happening, but when I actually touched my face i couldnt actually feel any oil! So whether that was just my highlighter, I dont know! But I think the longevity is good as a drugstore longwear formulation, however it certainly does not exceed other higher end brands.


– Poor colour selection (in Australia…)
– Can be overly drying for normal/dry skin girls!
– I’ve heard it oxidises (nothing too drastic that I’ve noticed though)
Ridiculously hyped up – but it’s not like I can blame that on the foundation right?

Literally I’m racking my brains out trying to find cons for this foundation and I cant find any! It’s really quite a good great foundation especially for being only $15 AUD from the drugstore! Well done Covergirl for keeping costs low, unlike a certain other braind *coughrevloncough*

Foundation after 8 hours (as if you didnt already have enough pics of my face right? LOL)

I swear to you, it looks sooo oily here but barely any oil transferred! It was crazy weird!

So thats it, no more pictures I swear!! haha. Hope you guys enjoyed that, and if you havent seen the video yet please do check it out. I show you how I put the foundation on and my first impressions!

Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick Review + Swatches

Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick Review + Swatches

Phew. That is a long title wouldnt you say? So in my previous couple of videos, a lot of you guys have been commenting on the darker vampy plummy lipcolour that I’ve been sporting and so I thought I would finally dedicate a post to that wonderful lipstick. And here they are: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss Lipsticks in 112, 107, 106 (bit of an anticlimax right being just numbers and all… couldn’t find the names! if they exist, let me know)


#112 – Dark brown-based red | #107 – Deep purple plum | #106 – Very bright warm pink
And of course, the lipstick that started all this commotion: #112

And I’m also currently wearing it in my most recent video: 90’s Kid Survey TAG!


I love these lipsticks. If you like matte, but found that the SAVVY matte lipsticks were a bit too drying, I think this is a great way to ease into matte lipsticks without the worries of dry lips. I found these quite silky and slippery in texture, but with all matte lipsticks lips MUST be moisturised and exfoliated for the best application. Do note however that it does become dry-er throughout the day making it more visibly matte (which I enjoy).

I give it full points for pigmentation and opacity, and the colour range is also quite nice, incorporating some gorgeous deep shades as well as some lighter ones (that I did not purchase).

One down fall I found with these lipsticks however is the gritty texture. It’s not creamy-smooth like say the revlon matte lipsticks or even the savvy lipsticks. There’s a definite gritty-ness to it which doesnt bother me too much, but I think this might be an issue for some. (Definitely not a deal breaker though as it doesnt change the look of the lipstick in any shape or form).

Overall I’ve really enjoyed the kate moss lipsticks and these have kept the standard. The last kate moss lipstick I’ve purchased was the Rimmel colour show-off lipstick in “shocking pink” and that has to be one of my ALL-TIME favourite drugstore (and even high-end) lipstick I’ve bought. A gorgeous shocking pink that is perfectly opaque and marvellously matte – and these are no different! It’s like she built on that same lipstick formulation to include more colours. The texture, the pigmentation and even the smell is the same. They all have this gorgeous fruity watermelony(?) scent which I found to be deliciously delightful.

You know what, I actually think that shade #106 might even be comparable to the limited edition colour “shocking pink” if you’re struggling to get your hands on that colour!

So massive THUMBS UP from me. And another pro? It’s only $12.95 AUD RRP. Now that is a  great price. Beats the outrageous prices that a certain other company *coughrevloncough* asks for for their matte lipsticks! I believe these are even cheaper in the US & UK at around $5 a pop? Not bad!

Right now asos is actually having 30% off the rimmel cosmetics (+ more if you’re from the UK such as NARS, benefit etc) and they’re currently being sold for $5.58 AUD + free shipping! So check it out here: ASOS.COM  (May have just bought two extra shades… #111 & #110. Oops. >_<)

Glossy Box Australia: Hit or Miss?

Glossy Box Australia: Hit or Miss?

Hi everyone so I thought I’d just do a post on what I think about the March issue of glossybox. Now disclaimer, they did send this to me for free, but not even to review. It was purely just to try out. But I thought I might just post my 2c on it anyways since I did take a few pictures!

So although they contacted me in Feb about sending me a free March glossybox, I did not receive the box until late March! And I believe that is similar to what others have said. So when I received it, the first thing I noticed was the packaging! Now I LOVE sweet little boxes that you can reuse for storage. And the Glossybox boxes are probably the NICEST in terms of presentation (in comparison to other subscription boxes available in OZ). It comes in a very hard and study pale pink box with a little glossybox logo in the middle – simple and elegant. Another thing I instantly noticed was there was this GORGEOUS smell coming from the box! Which was nice. But I think it was because of the product inside rather than the packaging (I wish). So once you open it, you’ll be pleasantly welcomed to some letters and perfectly presented samples. So my rating on packaging? PERFECT.

However, we’re not paying for packaging; how were the products you asked? Well, in my box it came with 5 beauty product and a novelty wrist band (useless to me. Binned). So I recieved the following:
1. Panda Pen – Eye Makeup Remover & Corrector Pen
2. Proactive Solution Cleansing Bar
3. Avene Gentle Toner
4. Absolutely Gorgeous Macadamia Face Cream
5. KMS California Hot Flex Hairspray

There were also some coupons included but nothing that really interested me.
According the pamphlet from Glossybox, the March Glossybox was focused on “health and on-the-go schedule”.

Not 100% impressed with the box samples. I’ve heard from many people that the quality of Glossybox has been on a steady decline. And if this is basically what the month to month samples are like, I can not say I’d subscribe. There were BARELY any actual makeup products and I feel like if I had received this I would be disappointed. I havent had the chance to test out any of the products just yet and in all honesty I have no inclination to try any of them. I will use the proactive cleansing bar though because it smells lovely and my previous proactive use was a positive experience. Overall, the products are not bad and I will most definately try it out, but I feel like they could have put more effort into providing actual makeup products. In their defense they did include a “makeup remover” however it’s pretty gimicky in my opinion :

So overall? I’m not about to subscribe to glossybox just yet – and if I did it would probably be for the boxes 😛

So what did I get?
Disclaimer: NOT affiliated with the company. This box was sent for possible review, however I’m not being paid or compensated to make this post. Opinions expressed are 100% honest!