A reminder to stay inspired!


Congratulations Mr. Engineer!

Two days ago we were lucky enough to be able to celebrate my dearest brother Joseph’s Graduation ceremony. It was only 3 years ago that I was able to graduate myself with the most amazing feeling of accomplishment, and I couldn’t be happier for my brother to be able to experience that same feeling.

During the ceremony there was a very inspiring speaker who reminded us that although knowledge informs us, education transforms us. The process of going to university will always be a period in our lives that will changes us, and shape us into the person that we are. The people we meet, the lessons we learn, the mistakes we make – they are all a part of us. Although sometimes the world can be so bleak and dark with exams and self doubt looming above us, but I look back now at this time with fondness. You will never have that experience again. You will never be that same person again. So if you’re in University now, enjoy it! Love it, live it, savour ever moment of it. Because after University, the world is just a little bit different.

Another point he made that really struck me was, its ok to still not know what you want to be when you grow up. And this came from a speaker who was so well accomplished, so well travelled, and honestly I felt like he had already succeeded in life. People always assume that by going to University our lives are predetermined. In a way, yes – for example getting a degree in Medicine usually means you will practice medicine; but at the same time, not really. So many people find that the jobs they ultimately end up with have nothing to do with the course that they studied. Of course sometimes this can be a huge hurdle to not be able to find a job after Uni, but remember that when a door closes a window opens! Opportunities arise from the most unexpected places! So stay positive, stay optimistic! Be excited about your future! Although I’m a Doctor right now, I’m excited about the possibilities of tomorrow and where my life will take me in 10 years time!


So to sum up, stay inspired!

Always dream, and dream big. Stay curious. Be adventurous. Do not be afraid of what the future may have in store. And explore the possibilities, the endless possibilities of your tomorrow!

To my brother Joseph,

Congratulations. I’m so proud and eagerly anticipate you excel in life. I’m so excited to see what accomplishments you will undertake. You have such amazing potential and I know you will go far. Remember to stay humble and don’t be jaded by the world. Let your determination be your strength, and have faith that the Lord will guide you. I will always support you in everything you do, and all I ask is you not forget me when you’ve “made it”. haha! Love you!

xoxo Ate

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Outfit Details:




Well well, its been a while. I know, here she goes again at trying to blog and then failing miserably in the next 2-3 months, and completely deserting it again for 1 year. I know.
There isn’t much to say, without choking on a whole lot of excuses. To be honest, I’ve just been busy, and when I’m not busy I’m too lazy.

I’ve decided to go back into blogging because I need a space for thoughts, and essentially and outlet for my creativity. I dont think I’ll be going back into making videos any time soon because let’s face it takes too much of my time. Filming hasn’t come quite naturally for me as photography does. I enjoy taking photos, I enjoy editing photos, and I enjoy looking at photos. Sure, videos are wonderful, but I dont enjoy editing them as much as I do filming them. I can tell you right now, I have over 50 videos worth of footage that I have not edited. From ombre hair tutorials, to makeup tutorials, from hauls to tag videos, to vlogs. I literally have enough footage material to make 50 videos. Are they ever going to see the light of day? I have no idea. Just the thought of editing them… well, needless to say it’s certainly not lighting a fire in my belly.

So, I have succumbed to blogging. I’ve recently re-joined the instagram world, and needless to say I am ADDICTED. I love editing those little pictures and posting them. Lets not kid ourselves, it’s a lazy girl’s blog. HA. Anyways, I’ve really enjoyed fashion blogs and I’ve enjoyed posting outfit pics on instagram, so why the hell not try my hand at the blogging game again. So, here goes!

I will be posting some outfits that I’ve already featured on my instagram, so sincere apologies. But I’ll scatter them out, and throw in some pics of my trip to melbourne and sydney, and also some more europe trip pictures that I haven’t quite gotten around to editing… oops.


Sweater – Cotton On || Faux Fur Vest – H&M || Leopard Print Pants – Romwe || Shoes – ASOS || Bag – LV Speedy 30 DE

And with that I bid you all a goodnight, and please wish me luck in my blogging endeavors!

Life Update – Euro pics!

Hi everyone, so my last blogpost was about being MIA… and today’s post is yet again about being MIA. -sigh- Wow, just wow. Good job there June!

So, the past few months have been pretty busy. Going to the UK and around touring around Europe was one of the best experiences of my life. The first month involved going on placement in the UK and on the weekends we would spend it sight seeing around England. Despite being there for 4 weeks, I didn’t really feel like I was able to see everything that the beautiful country had to offer. I will definitely HAVE to go back there!
After that I rendezvoused with my childhood friends in Athens and we travelled for 2-3 weeks around Greece, Ireland and Spain. We then made our way to France where we joined the Topdeck crew on a tour around Europe.

It was a CRAZY hectic few months. Mainly because the first half I still had assessments to do, and towards the end we really got very lethargic and homesick. One of my favourites would definately be the placement in the UK and travelling on our own. As great as the topdeck tour was, it was definately very rushed. Having barely 1 day to spend in each country and another 1 day of travel was really not ideal. But I have to say, going on the bus was a lot easier than going on a flight everytime we moved.
My favourite country would definately have to be france – as if it wouldnt. It was absolutely stunning! It’s always been my dream to visit france and it totally did not disappoint. Marseille was just GORGEOUS! And the people of southern france were just amazing. I would love to go back there when lavenders are in bloom! Runners up would definately be Prague and Amsterdam. Just such beautiful scenery, and architecture! And not to mention Switzerland… just wow!

All in all, I’m already looking forward to making plans to go back, hopefully with my boyfriend. It was such an amazing experience and I could not have been happier to spend it with some of my closest friends. I have literally THOUSANDS of photos and I really want to edit them and upload them slowly onto my blog. It’ll just have it sporadically and I think it’ll break up all the beauty/fashion posts.

Before I leave you, please tell me what are some of you favourite travel destinations! Where do you recommend I visit next? Please comment below I would love to hear!

Life Update – Where I’ve been and where I’m going!


Alright, for all those who want to stone me, please feel free. I’ve been a HORRIBLE blogger/vlogger/youtuber! As I will mention in an up coming video, life has just been a complete whirlwind and I’m still trying to catch my breath! I honestly don’t know where the past couple of months have been, and there have been no signs of it slowing down.

For all those who have been tweeting me/instagraming me – yes! I’m still alive! I’m not dead I promise! Thank you for all your concerns and for simply thinking about me, and I feel like I owe you all an explanation so here it is!

So the start of this long hiatus began with my birthday month – July. It was epic. During this time I had two trips planned (gold coast for AMSA, and then  adelaide and melbourne the following week), my birthday party to plan/organise, a huge assignment to do, and finally internship allocation/preferences. And all of this happened while I had Uni everyday!

What happened during August/September then? UNI! It was my final rotation here in Australia and I as I took a couple of weeks off to travel, I had to make it up. And finally, there are some upcoming changes/trips that I’ve had to prepare for keeping me very busy still!

So, what are these changes I’m talking about?

1. I’m going to the UK! 
For those who don’t know, I’m a final year medical student, and as part of this year we are required to do an elective clinical rotation overseas. I’ve chosen to go with my mate to the UK for 4 weeks and after that, we will be travelling Europe! My best mates from Darwin will also be meeting me in Athens after my clinical placement and then we will be travelling to Dublin, Barcelona and then Paris, where we will meet up for a topdeck tour going to Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium (not in that order), etc. It’s my first time to go to the UK/Europe so I am excited beyond words! My placement will be located approx 30-40mins away from London, so on the weekends we plan on going to London/Bath/Brighton, etc. If you’ve ever been to the UK or live in the UK, please let me know whats the best way to go about transport! Also if anyone’s been to Europe, do let me know how you loved it, where you went and any advice you have for first time travellers!

3. I’m graduating!
After my europe trip, I’ll be flying back to Manila, before returning to Australia for my graduation. While this doesnt really seem to be a reason for keeping me busy right now, you will see in the following dot point why it has! 

2. I’m moving to Adelaide!
As I mentioned internship allocations were revealed late July and whilst I was really hoping for Brisbane, Adelaide was my 2nd choice. I’m pretty happy with the move as I’ll finally be with family again who will be relocating to Adelaide also, but at the same time it sucks that I wont be with some of my closest mates to start our first day of internship. Not to mention having to make completely new friiends in Adelaide which I’m pretty apprehensive about…but I’m sure things will just work itself out. My biggest worry with this is the move – while trying to pack for the UK, I’ve also been trying to pack up most of my stuff so that when I come back I will not have that much to do. I’m still also trying to find a new place to live in in Adelaide, but luckily my brother is there right now and can help me out on this. It’s just been crazy hectic, needless to say!
So there you go. That’s my life store for the month of July/August/September. I know I’ve let you all down by being MIA these past weeks, but I promise you, it was for a good reason! Hope you’ll all still forgive me and this gives you all a good idea of what’s happened and what will be happening to me!

And before we part, here are just some photos of my trip for you to enjoy 😀

Birthday Party:

Gold Coast

Adelaide to Melbourne Road trip

PHEW!!!! And that’s about everything!!

Sorry for the MANY MANY pics everyone, but I could not be bothered splitting it up into several different posts.

And for all the curious minds – no, my boyfriend is NOT in any of the photos I’ve posted! The asian guy I’m taking pictures with is my brother before anybody asks 🙂

Lastly, don’t forget to check my vlog channel & follow me on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter to stay updated with my travels!

And on a more personal note…

So for everyone who knows me, I’m usually more of a private person. I keep personal feelings to myself, struggles and insecurities locked inside. Of course I’ll make a side comment here and there and on occasions I’ll let my guard down for just a little while… but for the most part I keep to myself.

As much as I want to tell people, as much as I want to let it all out – I was to stay strong. Or at least look it. Even if I was struggling inside. So many people depend on me to stay strong and independent, and I feel like I’d be letting them down by showing that I’m hurting too.

In the past few days I’ve been quite “down”. Not actually sure how I’ve felt. Loss in motivation, interest, lack of sleep, lack of confidence/self-worth, spontaneous bouts of emotional breakdowns, irritability, frustration…. oh and enormous amounts of stress. That about sums it up. I just feel slightly overwhelmed with everything at the moment and there are so many factors that contribute. I’m not sure how to fix it or how to get better – but I look to God that he will guide me and I trust that everything will be ok. (I’m still hopeful – good sign right?) I dont say this to get sympathy/pity, but I guess I just wanted to admit that to myself – that I might not be ok right now.

For those who dont know (probably most) I live interstate away from my family for university (Medicine) and away from my bf (long distance since last year). It’s been a long couple of years and still a long couple years more. The stress and loneliness is a bitter pill to swallow and sometimes it can be overwhelming. I guess it’s just one of those phases that I hope will soon pass; but I guess not anytime soon.

I honestly never saw myself coming down this road… to post such a personal entry on a very public forum. However after reading Shirley’s past posts from meek-n-mild (http://www.meek-n-mild.com), it inspired me to come forward, to be brave and to write how I feel.

I’ve always been keen on documenting my thoughts and feelings – whether on paper or typed out. I used to own a livejournal way back when. And I used this as a refuge – everytime I was unhappy or happy, sad or angry. I would just write it all out. Then once I was done, I’d private the post.

But this time, I think I want to take a step forward and share them with you. I want to make my blog more personal, not just another extension of by beauty/fashion interests – I want it to be a time capsule of my life. WOAH, just calm down there June! (A bit dramatic right?)

So I know not everyone will read this – thank god. But I guess I just wanted to give you an insight into my life and myself; who I am and that not everything is handy-dandy.

Well if you read all of that junk, I commend you. And I appreciate it. I dont even know if I’ll end up publishing this or privatising (is that a word?) it after a while… Still not sure. Let me know if you prefer me to remain personal – but I guess you can always scroll past this if you’re not interested.

Anyways, have a great rest of your week everybody and I’ll go back to finishing my presentation now (which I’m deathly afraid of because I hate public speaking).

xoxo June