Dior Saddle bag review & styling idea

Styling my latest obssession – Vintage Dior Sadddle bag

If you follow me on my youtube and instagram (basically anywhere else apart from my blog), you probably already know about my sick obssesion with this Vintage Dior saddle bag (or vintage Dior bags in general lets be honest… remember this post here?) 

I was able to purchase this amazing piece from a Japanese Consignment seller for an absolute steal, and I couldn’t be happier. We immediately took some photos by a garbage bin (literally) and I actually loved them! So apologies in advance for the picture overload!

You guys already probably know that the hype is REAL with these vintage Dior pieces. Since Dior recently reintroduced the trotter print into their collection, everyone has been eyeing the second hand market for cheap vintage pieces with the trotter print. If you don’t know what this “trotter print” is, it’s basically the Dior monogram.


Now despite all the hype you’re probably asking – is it worth it? WELL, that dependsI thought I would by summarising it in a good ‘o pros & cons list. So here we go!


  • Affordable (depending on your seller!) – Ummm I got this for approx $250 AUD for a designer handbagIsn’t that crazy? Dior guys! Dior!
  • Statement piece – you feel almost cooler than everyone with their new dior trotter prints because its “vintage” (that always makes you cooler by default!)
  • Trendy – it’s back in style! The trotter print is crazy hot right now… and honestly vintage monogram prints in general are super popular!
  • Durable – Now this does depend on what material you get, but this canvas style is amazingly durable! I’m not worried about it scratching or deforming, and in general stains can be quickly removed.
  • Looks amazing with everything!
  • It’s iconic vintage dior!


  • Expensive (depending on your seller!) – Now I know that I just mentioned that this was cheap/affordable… but since sellers are aware that dior trotter print is back in style, they’re overpricing these pieces! So I have seen them sell for upwards of $1000 AUD (which is crazy!) So definitely look around!
  • Fussy – I sort of knew that this was a fussy bag because of the shape alone, but I didn’t realise just how fussy! Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not as bad as other bags out there, but the fact that it’s in a weird saddle shape does mean it takes you an extra minute or two to pack the bag.
  • Doesn’t fit much – I have to admit that for the size I did expect it to fit more than it does. It still fits the essentials, but would have been nice to fit a lot more.
  • Not super versatile – You guys know I’m the biggest fan of versatility. And the definition of versatility in a bag to me is it’s ability to be able to be worn several ways. Hand carry, shoulder, cross body, etc. Now this bag has a short strap which is amazing for the shoulder, but unfortunately this is not removable so I cant make it quite work for crossbody. Which is a real shame because the mini version of this is PERFECT for cross body!


So after all that do I personally recommend it? YES! BECAUSE I LOVE IT!

I think at the end of the day if a bag makes you excited about wearing it, that what matters. And honestly, I’m totally smitten with this bag. I love how I feel cool wearing it, I feel trendy and “on point”. And it always makes me happy when vintage bags are able to make a come back because who doesn’t love recycling trends and pieces? If you’re one of the lucky few who had a bag-a-holic mother/father – how cool is it rocking a piece that has been passed down?

Click here to check out my video review  & whats in my bag


What are you waiting for? Get shopping!

So if you’re after your own vintage piece, there are two main places I do recommend and have personally shopped for. First is of course ebay (because if I could be the company mascot I so would)… and the second is actually vestiaire collective. Not sponsored by either of them, but I do think they have the best deals available. Make sure you always authenticate your pieces though! And if this is your first time buying a second hand item make sure you check out my buying video guide HERE and HERE.




New Chloe Faye handbag from Cultstatus.com and how you can save too!

Meet the bag that nearly got away – the Chloe Faye Medium in Plum Purple!

So if you watched my youtube channel you guys would know the LONG story about how I finally came to acquire this gorgeous bag.

If you haven’t, long story short it was an absolute mission to find this bag in this colour! I’ll try and break it down. Basically I had the opportunity to own this bag early last year in the black or the burgundy. I was nervous about having my first coloured bag so I opted for the black. Unfortunately with all it’s little nuances, and the fact that the black didn’t really captivate me, I returned the item. However I couldn’t stop drooling over it every time I saw it on instagram. Not to mention I always found myself stalking it online!

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Sinead Crowe’s blog that I saw how amazing this colour truly was. And instantly, I knew I needed to have it! When I finally decided I wanted it, it dawned on me that it was completely sold out everywhere! It was just no where to be found! That is until I remembered Cultstatus – and there it was. The beautiful plum purple colour that I was obsessing over! As I mentioned in the video, although there are clear negatives about this bag including the fact that it’s overplayed and very fussy and at times not very practical, this colour had me SWOONING and now I’m positively obsessed!

I seriously have to thank cultstatus.com.au for helping me finally have this in my collection! They have also kindly given my readers and subscribers a discount code off their website!

So if you are looking to get your own faye, you can get 10% off their entire website using the code “HEYYYJUNEFS”!! This offer ends 31st May 2017 so GET ON IT GIRL!

Outfit Details:

The Spring Yeti


My blog posts are all over the place lately, and I’m so sorry about that. I’m trying to stick to my schedule of posting every Monday + Friday, but thats clearly gone out the window. Partly to blame is the fact that I’m currently trying to study for an upcoming exam, and whilst I have a few days of study leave I’m trying to cram up to 10 lectures a day… not really possible.

So I have been meaning to post this look for weekssss now,  and yes, thats exactly how far advanced I am with photos, and if you follow me on instagram you would have already seen sneak previews of this look.

I love how this look/shoot turned out, and I honestly had to painstakingly go through literally hundreds of photos! I’ve tried to narrow it as much as  I can, but forgive me if it’s still an overwhelming amount of photos of me! ahaha.

In this look I’m wearing one of my favourite layering pieces of all time – my shaggy/teddy/rug cream gillet or vest. I purchased this little number from H&M many moons ago, and I love layering it over pants, over skirts, dresses – and I ever layer it over a cardigan to turn it into a coat! In this outfit I’ve chosen to my (one of my many) pair of culottes from topshop, and to keep things simple have just worn a plain white shirt underneath. My reflective sunglasses from cotton on give this outfit a nice pop of interest and complements the gold accent from my LV bag nicely. Of course since everything was pretty neutral, I chose an LV monogram print bag as it would pop really nicely!

And on that note, I thought I would include a little review here about the Pochette Metis as some of my viewers were curious as to why I did not include it as part of my recommended 1st designer handbag.

lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-4 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-5 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-9 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-12 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-14 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-duo5 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-21 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-duo3lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-50 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-56 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-51 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-duo4 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-65 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-67 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-duo8 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-82 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-91

The Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

So I dont want to ramble on too much about this bag – if you want a separate review video on wear & tear and thoughts let me know – but as I’ve said some people where curious why I did not feature this on my recent video. The reason being folks is when I think about my first designer handbag (or atleast in my case), I think about a forever bag – in style, in function, in durability and in price point. I want it to be a all-rounder. Now I did not chose to include the Pochette Metis mainly because of all of the problems associated with this bag in the early stages, and also the trendy nature of the bag. I don’t see it as a classic piece just yet, and there have been enough problems brought up about this bag that I refrain from recommending it as a first designer bag. That isn’t to say that every PM has inherent construction problems, because if you look after your bag well, it shouldn’t! But if I had this bag as my first item and I ran into glazing problems or cracking problems right off the bat – I would just not be happy at all!

Now that isn’t to say I wouldn’t recommend this bag at all – because I do! Its a beautiful bag that offers a lot of functionality and versatility, and it’s easily one of my favourite bags from Louis Vuitton. But for reasons I mentioned above, I refrained from recommending it as a first designer piece – and I stress on the word first – because to me, that first bag shoulde the be-all and end-all… and I just don’t feel like this bag is quite there!


Outfit Details:



Sibling Twinning in Burgundy


Its the last day of winter, but it’s still as cold as ever. Burgundy is one of my favourite colours to wear. It’s such an easy colour that provides enough colour, but still keeping it neutral. I also think that it really complements any skintone, especially for my fellow caramel babies out there. Obviously my brother did too because when we left the house we were twinning in burgundy! It’s so funny that the coffee cups also ended up matching my outfit colour palette! ha.

Now just a brief note about this gorgeous vintage LV. It’s actually the cartouchiere PM and believe it or not, it’s the same age as me! 27 years old! It’s the smallest of the cartouchiere line, and is almost the same size as the chanel mini square (but slimmer). I just love the pop of LV print to an outfit, and I think that the vintage style is just so sweet!

LVcartouchiere_burgandy-1LVcartouchiere_burgandy-3LVcartouchiere_burgandy-6 LVcartouchiere_burgandy-9LVcartouchiere_burgandy-12LVcartouchiere_burgandy-33LVcartouchiere_burgandy-19LVcartouchiere_burgandy-18LVcartouchiere_burgandy-24 LVcartouchiere_burgandy-25LVcartouchiere_burgandy-26LVcartouchiere_burgandy-29LVcartouchiere_burgandy-30 LVcartouchiere_burgandy-32LVcartouchiere_burgandy-10Outfit Details:


How I style: The Statement Winter Coat

How I style: The Statement Winter Coat

heyyy june ysl saint laurent croc embossed tassel bag orange coat winter style heyyy june ysl saint laurent croc embossed tassel bag orange coat winter style


Hi everyone! So it’s been absolutely freezing these past few days, and winter is most certainly here. Because of the gloomy weather, I like to brighten my days with something bold and colourful. I bought this gorgeous bright orange coat from Target last winter, and it’s been my “pop of colour” during those dreary winter days. I think a statement Coat is an absolute essential in any winter wardrobe, whether it be in a bright bold colour or in a gorgeous pattern.

To balance the bright colour of this coat, I’ve kept everything else neutral and light, and paired with a comfy pair of stiletto mules adds an instant edge to the outfit. Of course you have to have your killer accessory to top 😉


heyyy june ysl saint laurent croc embossed tassel bag orange coat winter style black mules wittner shoes mule heyyy june ysl saint laurent croc embossed tassel bag winter styleheyyy june ysl saint laurent croc embossed tassel bag orange coat winter styleheyyy june ysl saint laurent croc embossed tassel bag orange coat winter style heyyy june ysl saint laurent croc embossed tassel bag orange coat winter style black stiletti mulesheyyy june ysl saint laurent croc embossed tassel bag orange coat winter style black stiletto mules heyyy june ysl saint laurent croc embossed tassel bag orange coat winter style black stiletto mulesheyyy june ysl saint laurent croc embossed tassel bag orange coat winter style black stiletto mulesOutfit Details: