Outfit Post.

Outfit Post.

Hi Everyone I’ve just returned from the provinces for my grandmother’s funeral. I do want to dedicate a separate post for her but I guess now is not the right time. Overall, the trip was nice and I was able to finally get closure. However I do still feel like it’s unreal somewhat, and I have to keep reminding myself that she really is gone.

I do have some videos that I would like to edit and have up so stay tuned for that, but for now I figured that easiest thing to update would be this blog with an outfit post that I wore just the other day. Not much to say about this outfit but I am absolutely loving these faux-leather shorts from newlook that I was lucky to find in the kids section. I’m telling y’all, dont knock it until you try it. I usually find my wonderfully form-flattering clothing pieces from the kids section, so definately hit it up! Also would like to thank my beautiful little sister (who is only just 11yo) for taking these lovely pics. Thanks babygirl <3

So on with the pictures!




Thrifted Black Studded Sleeveless Button-up || Thrifted Black Belt || New look Brown Faux-Leather Shorts || Rubi Shoes Nude Pointed Shoes (not shown) || Alexander Wang Inspired Studded Duffel Bag (not shown) || Derek Cardigan 7014 Glasses

Hello everyone, it’s been a while.

Hello everyone, it’s been a while.
So it has definitely been too long since my last blog post, and many apologies for that. However, the past few weeks I was having problems with flickr which is where I upload my photos, and furthermore I’ve just generally felt a bit too lazy to blog. I really want to change the layout of my blog because it’s just so… blah.
First and foremost, I want to say thank you to the overwhelming number of responses I got (and still get) from my past posts. I’m really so lucky to have stumbled onto the world of youtube and blogging and to have received so much support from people I have never met, but I regard as my friends. Really is amazing.
Anyways, I just wanted to update this because it’s embarassing how dead it is at the moment. So here’s an outfit post for you all, showing how I wore this gorgeous newlook top that I featured in my fashion haul video which I will include a link to below as well.

Asymmetric Top – New Look (Sold out)
Faux Leather Shorts – Goodnight Macaroon
Alexander Wang Inspired Bag – Ebay (Real AW Rocco: here)

PS – Before anyone comments, it’s not ALWAYS cold where I live. In fact, it’s been quite hot & humid the past couple of days 🙁

As if that wasnt bad enough, I have been terrible and shopping so much this month too! I think because it’s my birthday month that I’m just secretly telling myself that it’s acceptable. I’ve actually purchased a bunch of stuff online that hopefully will be coming soon so I can film yet ANOTHER haul! haha. I’ll probably have to break it up into parts because there’s so much.
But as always, there are still always items that are somewhat out of our reach but we always lust for. My biggest debate is whether I want to invest in a rose gold watch. I love the highly coveted MK Rose gold watches, but I havent been able to bring myself to spend the $$$. And if I do get one, not sure if I should go for the trendy “Rose Gold” or if I should stick to the ever so reliable “Gold”. Please let me know your opinions! And if you have one, how much do you LOVE it? haha.

And of course, I want the ever so popular double strap Zara heels that can be found almost ANYWHERE. Not sure who started it (Alexander Wang?) but I love the simple minimalistic but classy feel to it. I’m actually currently bidding on a pair on ebay, so wish me luck!!
Well, i think i’ll end it here for now. Goodnight y’all!

So I’m back… mixing prints.

So I’m back… mixing prints.
Well then, let’s get down to business. I went to the movies and this was what I wore. I cant get enough of these corduroy dark burgundy high waisted shorts from www.newlook.com. And what suprised me was that it was a total impulse buy as I happened to be checking out the “Teen” section on the website. I’m only 152cm (read: short) and I normally fit kid’s clothings… so I thought why not? And surprise surprise, these shorts fit me quite perfectly. I do have bigger hips than the average 12year olds (according to the tag) but hey, once they’re over my hips the waist fits amazingly.

So, “What are these shorts you speak of?”, you may ask?


What I’m wearing
Chiffon Leopard print top – Flee Market
Burgundy Corduroy shorts – New Look (www.newlook.com)
Oversized Cardigan – Valleygirl
Bag – Rubi Shoes
Shoes – Flee Market
So I would definately recommend hitting up newlook which surprisingly according to many UK bloggers/vloggers isnt that great. Maybe not, but sometimes I find an odd gem here and there not readily available in australia. And I believe that if you spend over 55GBP there’s free international shipping! (Which is usually 9 GBP to Australia). And the delivery time is quite fantastic – normally gets to me within 2 weeks!
To be honest, I’ve just had a look at in now and I’ve got some items in my shopping cart. Dont know if I’ll go ahead though, because I did just recently make an online purchase from cotton on… hmm….
Anyways, that is all. Please comment and leave me feed back on location – unfortunately at night time I’ve had to make do with shooting in my room. I hope it isnt too distracting, but if it is please do let me know! Constructive criticism is MUCH appreciated.
With all of that aside, let me bring you something more serious and a MUST WATCH:
Please spread the word about KONY 2012 because I for one will admit that I had NO IDEA about WHO he was. 
Though I knew about Uganda and the rebels, KONY 2012 will hopefully bring worldwide attention to this man and his eventual capture. 
Please watch the video even if it’s the only productive thing you do today!

Well that’s it from me, Please take care and SPREAD THE WORD!
KONY 2012!
xoxo June