NEW IN TREND BAG: JW Anderson Pierce

jw anderson pierce check blazer missguided jw anderson pierce check blazer missguided

J.W Anderson Pierce Bag

So this will come as a surprise to some of you, but I finally got myself the J.W Anderson Pierce bag! I know I have never mentioned it before, but my love for this bag was honestly came out of nowhere. This is such a trend bag for 2017, and although the hype around this bag has died down… I find that my love for it has grown more! I first saw it early this year and I was completely repulsed by it. So you’re probably now wondering what changed my mind?


There – I said it. I’ll be the first to admit that the buying power of instagram and the influence of social media is insane. I didn’t even give it a second look until I saw my favourite bloggers styling it and wearing it… and then all of a sudden I had to have it.

jw anderson pierce check blazer missguided jw anderson pierce check blazer missguided

Details of the Pierce Bag

Despite this being well known to be a trendy bag, it had a hook on me, and I kept umming and ahhing about purchasing this from matchesfashion. One of it’s biggest appeals was not only the price point, but I loved how different and versatile it was.

I saw one of the models style the bag as a clutch with their hand through the “pierce” detail, and I absolutely loved it! I loved the 90s style strap, and also the trapezium accordion shape. But above all, I was in love with the mahogany colour it came it. A wonderful alternative to this bag was the jw anderson logo bag, but I just loved the overall look of this more. (However if you are looking for a more classic/timeless style I would strongly recommend the jw anderson logo bag).

What pushed me over the edge was when I was able to purchase this bag secondhand from a private seller on ebay. Whilst this retails for an incredibly fair price on matchesfashion for $1700 AUD (Or $1500+ with this 10% off), I was actually able to pick it up secondhand for just $1000 AUD. How amazing is that!


Also if you sign up to ebates you can get addition 3% off! Click here

jw anderson pierce check blazer missguided

Is it just another trend bag?

So with all that been said – is it just a trend bag? Honestly who’s to say. After purchasing a Dior saddle bag (which in it’s days was the trendiest of all trend bag…) I feel like “trendy” is something that is up for interpretation. Everyone dreads having a trendy bag that will show age and become “last season”. But after buying classic bags year after year, bags that everyone has… it’s nice to have something that is more fun, more quirky, and different! The reality is, although these are “trends” as we see them on instagram and blogs, that’s not always the case in real life. Which, let’s be honest is the life that I live in most days.

I think that at the end of the day, bags should bring you joy and excitement. This bag does for me. So who, at the end of the day cares if it becomes last season as long as you still enjoy it? I think the key in being comfortable in buying a trendy bag is the price point. Find it second hand, buy it on sale, find a discount – this will really soften the blow!


Quick tip –  Even if you don’t find a discount code for your store, there are a lot of cashback websites you should familiarise yourself with because they often have some cashback rewards which almost work like discounts. Two companies I love to use are ebates and cashrewards.


jw anderson pierce check blazer missguided




New Chloe Faye handbag from and how you can save too!

Meet the bag that nearly got away – the Chloe Faye Medium in Plum Purple!

So if you watched my youtube channel you guys would know the LONG story about how I finally came to acquire this gorgeous bag.

If you haven’t, long story short it was an absolute mission to find this bag in this colour! I’ll try and break it down. Basically I had the opportunity to own this bag early last year in the black or the burgundy. I was nervous about having my first coloured bag so I opted for the black. Unfortunately with all it’s little nuances, and the fact that the black didn’t really captivate me, I returned the item. However I couldn’t stop drooling over it every time I saw it on instagram. Not to mention I always found myself stalking it online!

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Sinead Crowe’s blog that I saw how amazing this colour truly was. And instantly, I knew I needed to have it! When I finally decided I wanted it, it dawned on me that it was completely sold out everywhere! It was just no where to be found! That is until I remembered Cultstatus – and there it was. The beautiful plum purple colour that I was obsessing over! As I mentioned in the video, although there are clear negatives about this bag including the fact that it’s overplayed and very fussy and at times not very practical, this colour had me SWOONING and now I’m positively obsessed!

I seriously have to thank for helping me finally have this in my collection! They have also kindly given my readers and subscribers a discount code off their website!

So if you are looking to get your own faye, you can get 10% off their entire website using the code “HEYYYJUNEFS”!! This offer ends 31st May 2017 so GET ON IT GIRL!

Outfit Details:


Hello there, Lady Dior.

Welcome back to my blog guys! Today I’ll be sharing with you one of my favourite pre-loved purchase to date, and that is the amazing LADY DIOR! If you’ve come here from my YouTube channel – welcome! But if you’ve come here through google or elsewhere you’re probably wondering HOW I managed to score this gorgeous piece for THOUSANDS less than retail!

Simple answer: Buy Preloved!
Lady Dior handbags are one of the best handbags to purchase second-hand because of it’s lower resale value on the preowned market.

I know that buying secondhand is not for everyone, and if you want me to do a more step-by-step process on how to buy second-hand or how to authenticate bags, let me know.

But today I just wanted to supplement my YouTube video with some detailed pictures on this bag just to show you that preowned/second-hand bags DO NOT have to be in rubbish condition or very worn condition to still be sold at a great price point.

The process

As you guys know I’m a massive fan of pre-owned bags, and when I browse preowned websites I have previously noticed how poorly Dior bags resale for. For that reason alone, I had never really thought about adding it to my collection. Until that is, I tried it on in store. Its was gorgeous. At the time I tried on the new model in the new size and wide strap. I loved it, but when I went to enquire about it I was told it was $7000+ AUD! That was crazy to me, and for that price I would much rather buy a chanel! I remembered then that Diors sold for crazy less on the second-hand market so I did proceed to my favourite online consignment seller – Ebay. I basically stalked this bag until I found one that I wanted and then made the purchase!

The cost.

So if you follow me on my YouTube channel you would know that I was able to purchase this for approx $1500 AUD! That’s not including tax or duties, but come on! That is only a FRACTION of what it retails for in store! Now for any items over $1000 AUD you do have to pay tax + duties on top which is approximately 15%. Luckily Ebay was having 10% off at the time so I was able to add some savings onto that. Regardless for an all leather bag, and decent condition, I honestly couldn’t be happier with a $1.5K price tag! I did purchase from a Japanese consignment seller that had good feedback, and prior to purchase I did actually have it authenticated on the purseforum which is a great resource for anyone looking to purchase second-hand bags!

The condition.

As you guys know with vintage pieces you do need to be wary of the wear and tear. The bag was almost 20 years old and to be honest the condition is AMAZING. Granted the cannage quilts aren’t as puffy as a brand new one – but everything else was great! It was clean, no musty odour, the gold hardware was still a bright yellow gold, and it was still in great shape! You do have to be careful when buying lady diors second-hand I have found that there are some older pieces in terrible condition!

Obviously it’s completely up to you with what you can afford, but I felt like one of the selling points of this dior bag was structure so I knew that this was something I didn’t want to compromise on. I should note that my bag also didn’t come with a dust bag/box/authenticity. For me this dior wasn’t a holy grail and really I just wanted to try it out. For that reason I was happy to trade the extras (such as box, dustbag, cards) for some savings on the bag. There was another bag in similar condition with all the extras for $500AUD more – I decided paying $500 for a cardboard box was not worth it and skipped on it.

The first impression.

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m pretty much over the moon about this bag. It is the exact reason I stress to everyone how amazing buying second-hand can be! I just saved myself THOUSANDS of dollars going pre-owned route, and I have this amazing vintage bag to show for it. Now not only have I not splurge money that I can now save for something else, having a “used” piece means I can wear it without being too worried about wear & tear or damaging the bag. I can just enjoy it, and brag to everyone at how I was able to score this for an amazing price!

So there it is guys, if you haven’t seen the my YouTube video yet please check it out below!