Ecotools Fresh & Flawless complexion set

Ecotools Fresh & Flawless complexion set

HI there everyone! This is just a follow up post to give an overview of the Ecotools Fresh & Flawless complexion set that I used in my most recent Chit Chat getting ready / vlogtorial video.

So I bought this set from iherb which is where I’ve bought all my real techniques and ecotools brushes. It’s an amazing place to find the cheapest rates for these brushes (which let’s be honest, can be a little overpriced in Australia). You can purchase the set of brushes for $16 AUD here: CLICK

Full Powder Brush

So I’ll start of with the powder brush. It’s a nice fluffy and soft little brush that you can use to apply any of your powder products – blush, bronzer, finishing powder. It’s a little less dense than I would have liked, so when you apply bronzers and blushes it applies the colour quite sheer.Also because it has a lot of give and flexibility it’s sometimes hard to blend out face products. So if your bronzer/blush applies patchy, it would be difficult to blend out the hard lines using this. The density of this brush is truly more suited towards applying setting powders/finishing powders than blush and bronzers. Nonetheless, a beautifully soft brush and that still gets the job done.

Complexion blending brush

This is by far my favourite brush from the set. It’s a small paddle-shaped fluffy but dense brush. I’ve been using this brush for the past few weeks as my foundation brush. It works wonderfully despite it’s small size. According to ecotools, you use this brush primarily to blend the foundation after applying it with the precision foundation brush. That being said, you can just skip the foundation brush all together and apply foundation straight with this. It really does just buff the foundation out creating a lovely flawless finish. The application reminds me of something like the MAC 109 brush, but in the shape of the real techniques expert face brush. You can use it for liquid, cream and powder foundation! As you can see from the pictures below it’s pinched on the sides giving it a paddle shape, This means it also works great to contour under the cheeks.  I really rate this brush and hands down the best from the set.

Precision Foundation Brush

Now if you see this in real life, almost would not believe that anybody would be in their right mind suggesting to use this as a foundation brush. It’s absolutely TINY! It would be almost impossible to apply foundation with this! However, I wouldnt give this a miss just yet! It actually is amazing at applying concealer under the eyes! It has a wonderfully pointed tip, which gives you absolute precision. And even though it’s too small as a foundation brush, it actually is the perfect size for a concealer brush! It’s really quite a wonderful little brush.

Flat Concealer Brush

Now this was supposed to be the brush used to apply concealer – and it works just fine for that. However I’ve actually been reaching for this to apply shadow on the lid (like how I use most of my other flat concealer brushes). It’s just your classic synthetic stiff flat brush. There’s really not too much more to say about this brush, but it’s hard to really go wrong with brushes like this.4

Concealer Buffing Brush

And finally the last brush but certainly not the least, is the concealer buffing brush. Now for those familiar with the sigma mini flat top concealer brushes and the sedona lace buffing concealers, this is very reminiscent of those. It’s purpose is similar to the foundation blending brush, which is to buff and blend out the concealer once it’s already on the skin. It’s flat top also makes it perfect for stippling on concealer to your blemishes for spot concealing. It’s quite a small brush so I’ve also been able to use it in my crease to blend out my shadows. Very versatile!

What’s the verdict? 100% recommend!

If you guys couldnt already tell, love this cute little brush set, and for the price available on iherb it’s totally worth it! A wonderful brush set that is compact and travel friendly, but still very versatile and functional! 

And it all fits in this cute little pouch here!

Believe it or not, there’s 13 brushes in there! Stay tuned for my post on the othere brushes in this pouch! 😉

Collective Makeup Haul

Collective Makeup Haul

Sorry for the delay in the accompanying blogpost for my most recent video but to be honest, I’ve just been lazy (my bad). Hopefully you all were able to duck down to your nearest priceline for the 40% off makeup sale which is probably the most exciting sale that Priceline has ever had. It was funny because when I was there, not only was it jam-packed, there was also a lady outside with a microphone, inviting customers in. The funny thing was that I overheard one of the customers complaining that she wasnt excited enough!

“What the hell, it’s like she’s just talking and muttering to herself. This is a HUGE sale for crying out loud!!! She needs to be more ENTHUSIASTIC!!”

Was what one of them said to the staff, and so they had a word to the announcer. NEKMINIT she was literally screaming at the top of her lungs. I’m not sure if it was better – I was almost frightened! haha.

So as much as I wanted to get heaps and heaps of makeup (not that I needed it), I really could not afford buying too much. Whilst 40% off sounds wonderful in theory, it still quickly adds up! I made the mistake of roughly estimating it to 50% off and then when I punched the numbers into the calculator – just wow. You dont realise how big of a difference that 10% can make!

Anyways, unfortunately I have not had the chance to take photos my “Priceline sale” purchases, but here are close-ups of the products mentioned in my previous video!

And if you havent seen the video – here it is:

Collective Makeup Haul

Products mentioned:
SAVVY by DB Matte Lipsticks
Revlon Colorstay Foundation Normal to Dry 330 Natural Tan – Use code: “OZA493” for discounts!
Bare minerals Ready eyeshadow 4.0 quad in “The Truth”
Bare minerals Ready eyeshadow 4.0 quad in “The happy place”
A few of you guys requested a review on the chanel foundation(s) so that might be up in the near future. I’ll also do swatches of the bare minerals quad because the pigmentation is just unbelievable (forgot to do it here)

Well, that’s all for now. And for those curious… here is my mini 40% off Priceline sale haul:

 photo a3323292acde11e2b10722000a1f98d4_7_zpsf2d1d186.jpg

well, it’s 3:10 am here in Australia, so hope you enjoyed this and I wish you all a goodnight! xo

NEW Savvy Long Lasting MATTE Lipsticks – MAC DUPES??

NEW Savvy Long Lasting MATTE Lipsticks – MAC DUPES??

Hi there everyone!! So I have some really exciting products that I bought today that I absolutely had to show you! I’m a very big fan of shopping online, but often doing so means you miss out on some of the newer australian cosmetic products available in stores.

So today as I was grocery shopping I had a bit of a wander around priceline and found THESE babies! It looks like they’re limited edition, but it’s a new line of MATTE lipsticks from SAVVY by DB! I believe there were a total of only 8 shades. Though they were of a matte texture, some had shimmer/sparkle giving a more velvet look, and some were just matte and opaque. Although there were a few of the lighter shades that I found questionable on anybody, the darker half of the shades were FANTASTIC and picked one of each! Swatched, they were amazingly pigmented and matte, and best of all???? THEY WERE ONLY $6.99!!! Can you believe that?? $6.99 peoples!! Now that’s more like it! Finally we are seeing “drugstore prices” that are actually comparable to the US “drugstore” prices!! Well done SAVVY!

So, before I babble on some more, shall I just show you my newest babies?? I only picked 4 (initially was just going to get 1), but for $7 each, I though what the heck! The total cost of all four will STILL be cheaper than a MAC lipstick and I’m telling you, these babies are absolutely WORTH the price! If not more! I would have happpppily payed $15+ for them!

Word of warning: PIC HEAVY!

Left to Right: Vegas, Bali, Morocco, Maui



Opaque blue-based red. Reminiscent of MAC Lipstick in “Red” (Satin finish)


Deep blue based burgandy/purple. Very very slight shimmer, but not noticeable on application. Reminiscent of MAC Lipstick in “Rebel”


Orange based red. Brighter shade than Morocco. Reminiscent of MAC lipstick in “Lady Danger”


Very bright (almost neon-ish) milky coral. Again, some very slight golden shimmer on close examination, but not noticeable at all on application. Reminiscent of MAC lipstick in “Vegas Volt”

Well, that is all folks! Unfortunately, I have only JUST bought them but on application I found them quite smooth. I did have to build up the opacity but I find I have to do that with most of the matte lipsticks I have anyways. They are of a dry-er texture (similar to WetnWild matte lipsticks) but no where near as matte as MAC Ruby Woo. It was comfortable for me, but I’m very used to the feeling of matte lipsticks (that’s all I wear). I cant comment on how “long” they last, but given it’s a matte lipstick I can almost guarantee that they will last longer than the regular lipsticks anyways.
Over all, a BIIIIG BIG THUMBS UP from me. Not only for the FABulous colours, but also the amazing texture, pigmentation and most importantly: THE PRICE! $6.99 a pop – Not bad for a matte lipstick!!

I recommend ALL of the colours I’ve picked out – they’re fantastic and if you’ve ever wanted a matte red lipstick, here’s your chance without breaking the bank! Check them out at priceline and get them before they run out as they are limited edition!

I’m glad the beauty industry in Australia is finally reducing prices and increasing quality. Another amazing item from SAVVY. Very impressed!

Hope you guys found this helpful and dont forget to check it out!!

(PS – Sorry for the HORRIBLE lipswatches! I was literally rushing to take the photos as the sun was quickly going down!! booo.)