MARCH SHOPSALE: Autumn Winter Street Style Trends 2017

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog. Just wanted to kick things off this year by going through a few of the trends you may want to try this autumn winter. I know there’s been a few posts going around / a few YT videos on trends this spring/summer. Well, here in Australia, we’re not quite there. In fact, autumn is here and winter will be right around the corner (if it ever gets here! Especially in QLD).

It’s actually perfect timing because retailer of the march shopsale event where so many of my favourite retailers will be having an exclusive sale if you use the codes I’ll be providing below. Some are up to 25%! It’s the perfect opportunity to pick up that one trend piece you’ve been eyeing off for the past few weeks.

So here are a few trends you might want to try this autumn/winter and I’ve also included some of my favourite picks from sale. Don’t forget to use the code though to be eligible for the savings!

Style Trend: GINGHAM

So this is a trent that I think everyone is seeing on the street, but have mainly aimed it for spring/autumn fashion. I think it’s definitely something we can transition for autumn winter too. If you’re feeling bold, go for an all gingham look, matching different sized prints. I also love how this print looks layered with a warm knit/turtle neck underneath. One of my favourite way to style this is as a skirt, and if worn with some furry mules / ankle boots it would look so cool!


Again this is another spring look that I actually think would looke amazing this autumn winter. I have seen some really cool dark hippy vibes with the embroidered floral. Its often on a dark or black background with bright red florals which give it a very rocker/Dia de los Muertos vibe. I love it on jeans, and on knits it gives a very grandma-chic look also! If you’re not too sure about this look you could start incorporating it as accessories such as a embroidered belt or even those gucci floral embossed mules! (I need them in my life!) I personally love it when its teamed with satin like the missguided pink satin coord set – team it up with a band-tee and oversized biker jacket, you get that perfect mix of tough-feminine look!

Style Trend: METALLICS

So this obviously isnt a new trend. And may I say it seems to return every year? I think that this Autumn winter metallics have a prominent feature and instead of wearing them as accessories should really be the feature of your whole look! Wear it as a bold skirt, or amazing jacket! This is obviously not for the faint-hearted, but if you’re feeling the metallics but not quite ready to commit satin is also a really popular trend atm and showing no signs of slowing down!

So that’s it guys, those are some of my favourite trends this Autumn Winter. I definately want to try and incorporate some of them into my look. Which are you most excited about?


The Spring Yeti


My blog posts are all over the place lately, and I’m so sorry about that. I’m trying to stick to my schedule of posting every Monday + Friday, but thats clearly gone out the window. Partly to blame is the fact that I’m currently trying to study for an upcoming exam, and whilst I have a few days of study leave I’m trying to cram up to 10 lectures a day… not really possible.

So I have been meaning to post this look for weekssss now,  and yes, thats exactly how far advanced I am with photos, and if you follow me on instagram you would have already seen sneak previews of this look.

I love how this look/shoot turned out, and I honestly had to painstakingly go through literally hundreds of photos! I’ve tried to narrow it as much as  I can, but forgive me if it’s still an overwhelming amount of photos of me! ahaha.

In this look I’m wearing one of my favourite layering pieces of all time – my shaggy/teddy/rug cream gillet or vest. I purchased this little number from H&M many moons ago, and I love layering it over pants, over skirts, dresses – and I ever layer it over a cardigan to turn it into a coat! In this outfit I’ve chosen to my (one of my many) pair of culottes from topshop, and to keep things simple have just worn a plain white shirt underneath. My reflective sunglasses from cotton on give this outfit a nice pop of interest and complements the gold accent from my LV bag nicely. Of course since everything was pretty neutral, I chose an LV monogram print bag as it would pop really nicely!

And on that note, I thought I would include a little review here about the Pochette Metis as some of my viewers were curious as to why I did not include it as part of my recommended 1st designer handbag.

lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-4 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-5 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-9 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-12 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-14 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-duo5 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-21 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-duo3lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-50 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-56 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-51 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-duo4 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-65 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-67 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-duo8 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-82 lv_pochettemetis_furvest_culottes_city-91

The Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

So I dont want to ramble on too much about this bag – if you want a separate review video on wear & tear and thoughts let me know – but as I’ve said some people where curious why I did not feature this on my recent video. The reason being folks is when I think about my first designer handbag (or atleast in my case), I think about a forever bag – in style, in function, in durability and in price point. I want it to be a all-rounder. Now I did not chose to include the Pochette Metis mainly because of all of the problems associated with this bag in the early stages, and also the trendy nature of the bag. I don’t see it as a classic piece just yet, and there have been enough problems brought up about this bag that I refrain from recommending it as a first designer bag. That isn’t to say that every PM has inherent construction problems, because if you look after your bag well, it shouldn’t! But if I had this bag as my first item and I ran into glazing problems or cracking problems right off the bat – I would just not be happy at all!

Now that isn’t to say I wouldn’t recommend this bag at all – because I do! Its a beautiful bag that offers a lot of functionality and versatility, and it’s easily one of my favourite bags from Louis Vuitton. But for reasons I mentioned above, I refrained from recommending it as a first designer piece – and I stress on the word first – because to me, that first bag shoulde the be-all and end-all… and I just don’t feel like this bag is quite there!


Outfit Details:



Spring Shopping


This outfit was actually taken a few weeks ago when we had the odd sunny day here and there. I’m wearing one of my favourite layering pieces from Sportsgirl which is this camel oversize utilitarian jacket with short sleeves. It’s perfect for those warmer days where you still want to layer, without overheating.

One of my favourite things to do in Adelaide is stroll down Rundle Mall on the weekend mornings. It’s usually so alive with street musicians, a gorgeous cool breeze on a beautiful sunny day. It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind at the end of a busy week. Sometimes I even just like to sit down and people-watch. Its the most fascinating thing, thinking about what that person’s life might be light, what that day is like for them. Unfortunately this little trip can also be a work out for my wallet because with David jones and myers on either side, its hard to just window shop!

ysl_tassel_chain_spring_jacket-1ysl_tassel_chain_spring_jacket-duo ysl_tassel_chain_spring_jacket-5ysl_tassel_chain_spring_jacket-11 ysl_tassel_chain_spring_jacket-14 ysl_tassel_chain_spring_jacket-16 ysl_tassel_chain_spring_jacket-17 ysl_tassel_chain_spring_jacket-18 ysl_tassel_chain_spring_jacket-19 ysl_tassel_chain_spring_jacket-23 ysl_tassel_chain_spring_jacket-24 ysl_tassel_chain_spring_jacket-21 ysl_tassel_chain_spring_jacket-22 ysl_tassel_chain_spring_jacket-32 ysl_tassel_chain_spring_jacket-37 ysl_tassel_chain_spring_jacket-40

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What’s your favourite way to unwind at the end of a long week? Let me know in the comments below!

#AW16 Staple Styling: The Straight Leg Jean (Part II)


As I write this, we are finally come to the tail end of the treacherous storm that has troubled South Australia over the past few days. Just 3 days ago SA underwent a state black out causing choas and panic throughout the state. I was actually working in the hospital when the power outage occurred. Just an hour before the outage, it was decided by the Women’s and Children’s division that all outpatient clinics and all elective lists be cancelled that day and the day after. We were also advised to discharge anyone who was well enough to go home in event that the storm would become any more severe. Hearing this the whole ward turned into a frenzy. Whilst everyone became busy with transfers, discharges and afternoon reviews, everything shut down. The whole of the hospital went black for 3 minutes, but it felt so long that we all started to worry that the emergency generators were not going to kick in. Of course they did, but after there was an apocalyptic vibe in the air.

It wasnt long before I was able to go, and I was so frightened after being told that none of the traffic lights were working! This seemed ludicrous, and I couldnt imagine how the roads would cope. Even as I drove home with strong winds and heavy rain, it was scary not knowing what kind of crazy loon would come speeding down each intersection. It was the single most daunting drive I had ever driven. I was paranoid in every corner, and easily drove 10km below the limit. Even with my cautiousness, there was almost a near crash incident where as I was slowly crossing with 2 other cars in an intersection, an idiot decided he had enough time to cross and rushed passed us. I honestly almost had a heart attack. Not to mention because speeding lights were not working, so many were speeding 80km on a 60km road!

I luckily returned home safely, abeit to a poweless house. Fortunately for us, it was only for a few hours that we were without power, but I pray for everyone out there who are still without power 3 days later. There are also dangerous flooding in areas and I just want to wish everyone their safety. Thankfully the storm as eased, and I hope over the next few days the floods will start to recede.

Needless to say, due to the past few days I’ve been too busy to edit a video so unfortunately I will not be able to have a video for you guys this week. I hope you guys will understand, and I hope to be able to edit one for next week! I did promise however to stick to a blog schedule, so let me tell you a little bit about this look.  It’s another styling idea for my favourite straight leg jeans but with a few more layers and looking much more winterish. I love the look of nicely fitted boots and these ones in particular are from missguided. I did purchase them in the grey, thought they would equally look amazing in black! On top I’m wearing a polkadot bow dress that I’ve worn as a top, and added some interest to the look by pairing it with a fluffy cardigan/jacket from H&M.

All I can say is I feel very British-blogger in this look! And I love it! What do you guys think?

balenciaga_straightleg_city_greyboots-6 balenciaga_straightleg_city_greyboots-7 balenciaga_straightleg_city_greyboots-18balenciaga_straightleg_city_greyboots-24balenciaga_straightleg_city_greyboots-16 balenciaga_straightleg_city_greyboots-20 balenciaga_straightleg_city_greyboots-duo2 balenciaga_straightleg_city_greyboots-23 balenciaga_straightleg_city_greyboots-26

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The “Cassandre” : Saint Laurent Bag Review

ysl_review-4ysl_review-1 ysl_review-7 ysl_review-2ysl_review-5

If you watch me on YT you would know I purchased this cutie YSL bag a few months ago, and since acquiring it, it has been such an easy go-to black cross body bag for me. To try and brake up what may turn into a long essay, I will break it down into purchasing process, pros & Cons, and of course my overall opinion 🙂


Price & Specifications

  • This item’s measurements are:
  • Depth 5cm
  • Height 15cm
  • Max. Strap Length 94cm
  • Min. Strap Length 61cm
  • Width 23.5cm

So I bought this item from Net-a-porter. I have been looking at this item ever since the beautiful Samantha featured it on her YT channel and styled it on her blog. It looked like such a versatile piece that could actually fit a lot! I had been looking at different boutiques and was actually able to try it on in store at David Jones. At the time they were RRP 3100 AUD at DJ in this exact model, with slight differences in price depending on whether it was croc embossed or not. From the Saint laurent website it sold for $2700 AUD, similar to other online stores such as selfridges, netaporter, mytheresa, and matchesfashion. There was no rush in purchasing this item, however when it was back instock on net-a-porter and there was a 15% off discount code laying around… I jumped at the chance!


  • Looks amazing & plenty of styles to choose from – lets not kid ourselves, this bag is beautiful. This is very obviously a pro for me. Its classy with just the perfect amount of edge. Not to mention it comes in so many different colours, different materials, different metals, and even different sizes! There’s a perfect combination for everyone 🙂
  • Large compartment – You can definitely fit more than just the “essentials”. You can pack a large wallet, keys, a camera, a phone, even a kindle/book if the size suits. Definitely something you don’t have to be too worried about. Obviously it’s not an everyday tote bag, so you wont be able to fit the kitchen sink in there… but trust me you can fit enough!
  • Durable/scratch free leather  – If you want something durable, couldnt recommend the croc embossed enough!
  • Perfect strap length
  • Versatility in styling – There’s so many ways you can wear this, as small shoulder, as crossbody, as a long shoulder bag, and even a clutch on nights out
  • Price – Believe it or not, the price seems to have actually gone down! Its now $2400 AUD RRP, and at the time I was looking to purchase it was going for $2700. Now that can be both a good and bad thing. Good in that I think that for $2500 you’re getting an amazing bag, but bad in that I dont know if that means it will go on sale later and how it will resell in the future.


  • Tassel can get annoying – Although I love the tassel detail, the small little chain tassels actually gets caught in the YSL monogram at times which can be really annoying
  • Magnetic closure can be tedious – Sometimes if it’s fully packed you have to pay attention to the closure because it has to be just right. It only takes a few seconds more, but if you’re constantly opening and closing your bag this can be annoying
  • Puffing – I mentioned this in my video but for some reason the flap of my bag seems to be puffing and I dont know if this is just normal wear and tear or not… but sometimes this actually bugs me.
  • Straps can be uncomfortable at times – Because of the chain strap, if you stuff this bag with heavy heavy items it can just be a little bit uncomfortable. But worse part is honestly when it’s freezing and you have to put this on bare skin.. ohhh man. Lets be honest though, this is just part and parcel of having a metal strap.
  • Resell – As I mentioned above, I’m not sure what the wear and tear is like with Saint Laurent, or how they resell. It’s not LV/Chanel money, so its hard to predict. I would recommend if you’re looking to get this, get it for the enjoyment of having it with view to keep rather than reselling.

ysl_review-12ysl_review-15 ysl_review-13  ysl_review-11 ysl_review-10 ysl_review-9
Outfit Details