How to buy luxury for less!

Buckle up ladies and gents, today I’m going to take you through my addictive journey of purchasing pre-owned or pre-loved luxury items. Because if you didnt know already, it’s one of the best ways to save literally HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of dollars on luxury handbags and accessories.

It all started with a bag – The Louis Vuitton Montsouris MM

So, what’s the story you ask?

To be honest it’s pretty simple – It was love at first sight. I remember first getting a glimpse of it when a girl was riding down the street with her what looked like a vintage louis vuitton backpack and I almost drove my car off the road because it instantly caught my eye! Never did I think at that moment in time that I would actually ever come to owning it myself!

Fast forward to the day I bought my first Louis Vuitton – which as you guys know was the Louis vuitton speedy 30 in the monogram from the Melbourne Collin St Boutique. It was an absolute dream come true and from that day I was hooked! Lets be honest doing my research on purchasing my first LV I had by that point watching a 1001 videos on Louis Vuitton, and Queen of LV herself Jerusha Couture was a huge influence on me. I was basically obsessed with her videos, and finally I stumbled upon the Louis Vuitton Montouris MM that was in the background of her video. Instantly like before it immediately caught my eye and that started the hunt for this bag!

Of course this bag was discontinued which I did not realise at the time, and the only real choice I had was to actually purchase it second hand! I looked to ebay after so much research and to be honest my first search proved to be quite fruitless. It took about 2-3 months of searching online before I finally stumbled upon this baby. Now mind you I had only just SPLURGED on my brand new LV, so being a junior doctor at the time I was tight on cash. There was no way I could afford anything more than $1000AUD.

When I first saw the item listen on ebay it looked to be in REALLY good condition, and even patina was one of the most crucial things I was looking for. I contacted the seller, and being my first pre-owned LV I was relentless! I requested pictures of the bag with the seller’s name written on the piece of paper next to it, I asked the seller for a million and one detailed pictures, her whole life story on the bag, I then authenticated on the purseforum, and again through a third party. I did not want to make ANY mistakes in possibly purchasing a fake second hand item!

Then the bag arrived. 

She was perfect – but still I had it authenticated again once it was in my hot little hands. And finally, when I was satisfied I carried her without end. I remember I was so pedantic about the patina and making sure I wore long sleeves so that I didn’t stain the straps with sweat marks… all the while admiring how beautiful she was. And to this day, it is still one of my most perfect, most wonderful, pre-owned purchases I have made.  I think I appreciate it even more now with how much I was able to get the bag for and the condition it’s in considering how backpacks (even pre-owned) have soared in prices since becoming trendy again the most recent years.

Believe it or not guys, I was able to purchase the bag for only $650 AUD! HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT!

If you can only believe that I have this gorgeous piece of LV history, an amazing vintage piece from 1996 for a fraction of a backpack costs in stores now. Its absolutely incredible. And if you follow me on my blog/instagram/youtube you would know that this isn’t the only incredible find I’ve found! I’ve got a video here which goes through my favourite pre-owned finds, and if you havent checked it out already I STRONGLY urge you do so!

So that is my one huge tip for saving – GO TO THE SECOND HAND MARKET! So many times many of them aren’t even that worn or used, so many times people resell because they’ve changed their minds and you’ve essentially saved hundreds of dollars on a brand new item! I personally love the more older vintage pieces, especially those that you just can not find anymore. So if this has inspired you, I really hope you go and check out my videos on how to purchase preloved (PART 1 & PART 2), and give it a like a share it around.

If you have any amazing stories on your favourite pre-loved/pre-owned piece or a score so good you need to share – please comment in the discussion below I would love to hear!

The Leather skirt

Ah the leather skirt. It’s such a staple in my wardrobe collection and I’m always on the look out for that one perfect skirt. Being only 152cm it’s always a struggle to fine good fitting bottoms, and the leather midi skirt is no exception. I have love this one particular one from ASOS though and I absolutely love bringing it out every spring/autumn. Its a little bit to long so believe it or not I have actually rolled it at the top, but it has everything else in a skirt I love – leather, split front, and pencil style.

My favourite way to style this is really casually for that Parisian-chic look. This ensemble of sweatshirt + leather skirt is a classic combination for me and one that I reach for time and time again when I want to wear my leather skirt but don’t know how to style it. If you haven’t tried it yet, DO IT. You may never want to take it off!

You can jazz up the outfits by wearing some bling-bling earrings like I have, and even wear some stiletto pumps & structured blazer to make appropriate for a night out/dinner. Alternatively wear white converse/hoodie to make it even more casual for an errand day. It’s a great base to start building on. What do you guys think?

#AW16 Staple Styling: The oversized knit


Ah the oversized knit. One piece of clothing that I bring out year after year. And this gorgeous cream knit from ASOS has been an autumn/winter favourite for years. Three years to be exact.

It is honestly the most perfect knit, and althought it’s sold out now, I still need to stress to everyone who doesnt already own a cream oversized knit – you need one in your life! It is just the perfect styling piece, and although I feel like I have not quite portrayed its versatility in the next upcoming post, if you follow my instagram over the years, you would know how often I wear it.

Now just to update you guys, (if you havent followed me on my youtube channel yet, please go ahead and do so), but I may be a little off schedule this month just because I will be studying for an exam in december. I am a little bit behind on lectures, so  I just want to focus a bit more on that for the time being. This isnt to say I’m not still going to try – but just to forgive me if I miss a week or two. <3

balenciaga-oversized-sweater-culottes-3 balenciaga-oversized-sweater-culottes-39 balenciaga-oversized-sweater-culottes-35 balenciaga-oversized-sweater-culottes-36 balenciaga-oversized-sweater-culottes-30 balenciaga-oversized-sweater-culottes-21 balenciaga-oversized-sweater-culottes-23balenciaga-oversized-sweater-culottes-32 balenciaga-oversized-sweater-culottes-11 balenciaga-oversized-sweater-culottes-31 balenciaga-oversized-sweater-culottes-7balenciaga-oversized-sweater-culottes-8

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Soft Spring Tones


Luckily for us, Spring in Adelaide has been a lovely, with some cool mornings and sunny afternoons. Which means, I can still wear some of my lighter spring jackets! This short trench you guys have seen me feature on my blog before, but it’s become one of my favourite layering pieces this spring. It’s easy, its light, and the shorter length means it’s a great for my petite frame. This is truly my favourite length for a coat.

In this outfit I chose to complement two soft blush tones together, and having the different textures and lengths make the two pieces perfect pairs for layering. I love how the wooly sweater juxtapositions the sheerness of the T-shirt beneath, but the similar tones make them blend effortlessly. I think that everything in this look complements each other, even down to the shoes and the pompom colours on my bag. I really like this look, and during days when I’m not 100% sure on what to wear, I pull this little number out and just change the accessories I pair with it!

If you’re ever stuck for layering pieces because you’re worried about clashing prints, or colours, or textures – you can always start with soft colours or pieces from a similar colour family. It makes the whole look more put together, and in my opinion tasteful!

ysltassel_pinkcrates-4 ysltassel_pinkcrates-7ysltassel_pinkcrates-8 ysltassel_pinkcrates-2 ysltassel_pinkcrates-12 ysltassel_pinkcrates-13 ysltassel_pinkcrates-3ysltassel_pinkcrates-16ysltassel_pinkcrates-19 ysltassel_pinkcrates-duo1 ysltassel_pinkcrates-22 ysltassel_pinkcrates-25 ysltassel_pinkcrates-31 ysltassel_pinkcrates-33 ysltassel_pinkcrates-29 ysltassel_pinkcrates-39 ysltassel_pinkcrates-40 ysltassel_pinkcrates-duo2 ysltassel_pinkcrates-37 ysltassel_pinkcrates-38 ysltassel_pinkcrates-34

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#AW16 Staple Styling: The Duffle Coat Part 2


Hello, hello! It’s been a while hasnt it? (Atleast for my blog!) I know this is more than 1 week too late, but I still wanted to complete my styling series so here is the part 2.

This look is quite a simple and casual one, just for those girls who aren’t interested in anything too fussy, and you just want a casual look thats comfy and warm. Here I’ve teamed up an everyday pair of ankle skinny jeans with my favourite comfy sweater. To make it a bit more interesting I’ve snuck a button up shirt underneath and wore some slingback loafers. I topped the look off with my oversized but very warm duffle coat, and believe me even though this was a wet windy day, I was snug as a bug in a rug!

Personal Update!

Now while I had you guys, just thought I would update you with some plans I have for this blog and youtube channel, and personal updates regarding my life

  1. I’m crazy frantic with my upcoming exam! I am currently undertaking a diploma and I have exams at the end of the year (1 month) Typical June fashion, I’ve left it a little bit late, and I now have a few 100 lectures I’ve got to go through in the next 1 month – needless to say I’m going be busy!
  2. I’m doing Vlogtober! If you follow me on my youtube channel you may have seen that I’m doing vlogtober. Unfortunately due to my busy schedule this month the uploads have been a little bit late, but believe me I’m frantically trying to edit the videos and upload any spare minute I have!
  3. I got a haircut! You would know this if you follow my snapchat or instagram, but I’ve recently got myself a hair cut including bangs! Now this does mean that it dates all my videos and photos, but I have decided to still continue uploading them to my blog because 1) they’re awesome pictures and 2) does it really matter? So this is just a forewarning that my photos on the blog will not feature my new hair, but I hope it doesn’t bother you guys too much, and you still enjoy them none the less!

So thats it for now — I’ll be back with my regularly scheduled blog posts commencing tuesday so stay tuned! xoxo

balenciaga-duffle-coat-mickey-2 balenciaga-duffle-coat-mickey-15 balenciaga-duffle-coat-mickey-10 balenciaga-duffle-coat-mickey-duo1 balenciaga-duffle-coat-mickey-19 balenciaga-duffle-coat-mickey-duo2 balenciaga-duffle-coat-mickey-27 balenciaga-duffle-coat-mickey-duo3

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