About me

Hi you can call me June, and welcome to my little corner of the internet world.

I’m a 5 feet nothing, twenty-something year old doctor, who had initially started this journey into the cyber space during the few free hours in med school as an escape from the everyday reality. Needless to say 6 years on and a medical degree later, this world is still very much a large part of me, and I’ve decided to embrace it in all it’s glory.

I may surprise you with an occasional thought-provoking deeply inspiring blog post (rarely),  but on a routine basis you will not find anything too profound in this blog or on my youtube channel. Just the ramblings of a female mind, obssessed with fashion, handbags, and makeup. If you’re curious, check out my youtube channel and follow my blog. If not, still, check out my channel and follow my blog. 🙂