What I bought from the 30% OFF ASOS Sale!

asos 30% off frenzy sale

Now if you’re like me, and you’re a maaaaassive ASOS fan, you know that 30% off everything SALES are few an far between. SO when ASOS started this sale, I jumped on it so quickly I didn’t even stop for a breath! Unfortunately this sale is only for Australia/NZ residents… so I’m sorry guys!

Of course I have to put a disclaimer out there – this is in now shape or form sponsored by ASOS at all! ( I wish) However I’ve tested their customer service lately when a parcel was stolen from my house after it was delivered. This was almost $500 worth of goods and I was freaking. out. I contacted Auspost (useless) and also filed a police report. However ASOS definately came through by facilitating a very quick refund.  So, am I a fan? Absolutely! I’ve been a loyal customer now for >6 yrs and I’m not about to stop!

So I’m sure you guys are also curious as to what I purchased from the sale so here I am with the goods!

Now remember – if you spend over a certain amount you get free shipping and all orders have free returns! So get on it!

If I have time I’ll try and edit this post with some more ASOS picks for gift ideas so make sure you keep checking back. Otherwise… enjoy the sale! And let me know what you guys ended up getting as well in the comments! I would love to know!