Mother’s day gift ideas with discount codes!

Happy mothers day!! Here is to the one day of the year that we all proclaim our love and admiration to the most wonderful woman we all know, and strive to be – our mothers! As I type this, it is actually already mother’s day in Australia, and unfortunately I was not able to spend it with my mama.

But as I sat on my bed, thinking about mother’s day, it came to my mind that there are actually some amazing deals at the moment perfect for mother’s day. So heck I though, why not give a shout out to the most amazing woman there is, and at the same time share with you guys some things that I think would make an amazing present! Mind you just because it’s mother’s day today or tomorrow (depending on where you are) – doesn’t mean that’s the only time to spoil her! You can always treat you mum any time!

So this is my mum. She’s a gorgeous woman inside and out. She’s also out little social butterfly. Always the first on the dance floor and last to leave a party. She’s an extrovert that thrives on other people’s energy, and there’s not a lot she wouldn’t do for her friends or family.

She’s also been my biggest fan from the get go, and I can always count on her to make me feel like I’m good enough. Whenever I feel like life’s too hard, she’s always there to hold my hand. She has the warmest hugs and the biggest heart. When you cry, she cries with you. When you laugh, she laughs with you. She makes a house feel like a home.

She loves small gestures. Even the tiniest gesture of thoughtfulness and it’s like you’ve given her the sun and moon. Stay in her good books and there’s nothing she wouldnt do to return the favour. She loves to joke and giggle. Probably more than what is normal for her age. Sometimes she makes jokes in her head and starts laughing before even she manages to get it out! She can also be a little bit crazy and dramatic sometimes. But what woman isn’t?

These are all things that I love and adore about her, and would never change for anything in the world.

To the woman that inspires me; To the mother that loves me; To the friend that listens; and to the person I call home. Thank you for simply being you. I love you mama and miss you so much! Can’t wait to see you soon!

Now how about some cool gift ideas hey? Pick you mum – pick your gift! But always remember it’s not about the presents its about the though. Also there’s nothing like a good old fashioned hug & “I love you” that makes any mother swoon! haha.


I know what you’re thinking, isn’t this a bit cliche. But you know what, it’s cliche because it’s good! I know for a fact that a good long bath is something that one (let alone a mother) simply does not have time for. So what better time to let you mum indulge than on mother’s day. Its the perfect gift for any stressed mother who barely has time to eat let alone shower. Theres nothing more satisfying that an delicious bubbly bath to relax and wind down to, and end a lovely weekend.


Daniel wellington has come out with an amazing new collection of petite watches with chain strap. And honestly, they’re just so luxurious and amazing. I think it’s perfect for the busy mum who’s always on the rush on her way to work. Currently there’s a silver and rose gold that’s available in a black or white face. The size of the face is perfect and it’s such a light weight watch! It’s functional, stylish and perfect for the trendy mum that’s alway on the go.

You can use the discount code “HEYJUNE” for 15% off everything on the daniel wellington website!


If you haven’t seen my most recent blog and youtube video, I have collaborated with Cultstatus to bring you 10% off their website! I don’t know about you, but that is HUGE especially when applied to more expensive designer items! So if you always wanted to buy that designer handbag for your ever-so-luxe mama, check out cultstatus! Take advantage of the amazing 10% off deal! Get her a YSL WOC for the perfect errand bag that you can double up as a evening clutch. Or get a Balenciaga city for that everyday black casual bag! I don’t know about you but I know even though my mum loves bags, she could never buy something this expensive herself. So get it for her girl!

You can use the discount code “HEYYYJUNEFS” for 10% off everything on the cultstatus website!


Ellandemm have the perfect gold cuff that you can customise to include a special date engraved on it. I personally got one for myself with my parents anniversary. Then when  mum saw it, she immediately wanted to get me one for her also! It’s such a wonderful styling piece and great talking point! You can include her birthday, this mother’s day or another special day you share with your mama. It’s a great personal touch to the classic gift of jewellery. Oh and did I mention she has an amazing collection of other personalisable goodies including necklaces, rings, and she can even embroider whatever you want on some of her clothes!

You can use the discount code “MOMSLOVE” for 10% off everything on the website!