#AW16 Staple Styling: The Straight Leg Jean (Part II)


As I write this, we are finally come to the tail end of the treacherous storm that has troubled South Australia over the past few days. Just 3 days ago SA underwent a state black out causing choas and panic throughout the state. I was actually working in the hospital when the power outage occurred. Just an hour before the outage, it was decided by the Women’s and Children’s division that all outpatient clinics and all elective lists be cancelled that day and the day after. We were also advised to discharge anyone who was well enough to go home in event that the storm would become any more severe. Hearing this the whole ward turned into a frenzy. Whilst everyone became busy with transfers, discharges and afternoon reviews, everything shut down. The whole of the hospital went black for 3 minutes, but it felt so long that we all started to worry that the emergency generators were not going to kick in. Of course they did, but after there was an apocalyptic vibe in the air.

It wasnt long before I was able to go, and I was so frightened after being told that none of the traffic lights were working! This seemed ludicrous, and I couldnt imagine how the roads would cope. Even as I drove home with strong winds and heavy rain, it was scary not knowing what kind of crazy loon would come speeding down each intersection. It was the single most daunting drive I had ever driven. I was paranoid in every corner, and easily drove 10km below the limit. Even with my cautiousness, there was almost a near crash incident where as I was slowly crossing with 2 other cars in an intersection, an idiot decided he had enough time to cross and rushed passed us. I honestly almost had a heart attack. Not to mention because speeding lights were not working, so many were speeding 80km on a 60km road!

I luckily returned home safely, abeit to a poweless house. Fortunately for us, it was only for a few hours that we were without power, but I pray for everyone out there who are still without power 3 days later. There are also dangerous flooding in areas and I just want to wish everyone their safety. Thankfully the storm as eased, and I hope over the next few days the floods will start to recede.

Needless to say, due to the past few days I’ve been too busy to edit a video so unfortunately I will not be able to have a video for you guys this week. I hope you guys will understand, and I hope to be able to edit one for next week! I did promise however to stick to a blog schedule, so let me tell you a little bit about this look.  It’s another styling idea for my favourite straight leg jeans but with a few more layers and looking much more winterish. I love the look of nicely fitted boots and these ones in particular are from missguided. I did purchase them in the grey, thought they would equally look amazing in black! On top I’m wearing a polkadot bow dress that I’ve worn as a top, and added some interest to the look by pairing it with a fluffy cardigan/jacket from H&M.

All I can say is I feel very British-blogger in this look! And I love it! What do you guys think?

balenciaga_straightleg_city_greyboots-6 balenciaga_straightleg_city_greyboots-7 balenciaga_straightleg_city_greyboots-18balenciaga_straightleg_city_greyboots-24balenciaga_straightleg_city_greyboots-16 balenciaga_straightleg_city_greyboots-20 balenciaga_straightleg_city_greyboots-duo2 balenciaga_straightleg_city_greyboots-23 balenciaga_straightleg_city_greyboots-26

Outfit Details: