#AW16 Staple Styling: The Leather Jacket (Part 1)


Whilst all of use here in the southern hemisphere are approaching Spring & Summer, I know that a lot of you guys in North America/UK/Europe are actually going into Autumn/Winter (lucky ducks!). Now I don’t want that when you guys read my blog that you feel completely disconnected from the photos, so I’ve actually accumulated several of my A/W2016 looks to publish in the next few weeks.

Initially I just wanted to incorporate them into my blog on a weekly basis, but to make things interesting I thought I would publish it in bi-weekly Inspo every fortnightly… confused? Me too. Basically this week I’ll be uploading two looks on how to style a Autumn/Winter staple – such as this faux leather Jacket! Then next weekI will post a spring look/handbag review/beauty review/etc. Does that make sense?

Now I know it’s a bit all over the place, but hopefully you guys will get the gist. Also I’m going to try and make my posts more scheduled, with posts every Tues & Fridays (+ Sun if I’m feeling extra productive)

So lets talk more about “the leather jacket”

If you guys have seen my birthday wishlist, I’m lusting after the All Saints Balfern Jacket so bad. And in actual fact, I did actually purchase it for myself but ordered the wrong style. Now that jacket costs a pretty penny, but the fit was amazing. If you guys know how much I ended up buying for my birthday, you can understand why I’ve held of re-ordering it, but it’s definitely still up there on my wishlist. A leather jacket (whether real leather or faux leather) is an absolute must in any wardrobe, and there’s nothing that screams AW like a leather jacket! So if you haven’t bought one yet, what are you doing! Get one!


So let’s talk a little bit about this outfit. This is typically a “grab & go” look for me. That is skinny jeans, flats, sweatshirt & leather jacket. Go with a neutral colour palette, add your favourite bag, and you’re out the door. It’s not meant to be fussy, nor is it mean to be super chic. It’s just a casual, easy outfit that anyone can pull off time and time again! Of course it wouldnt be “me” if I didnt have my coloured poufs to go with it which just adds the perfect amount of fun to the look!

chanel_mini_flap_brick_leather_jacket-6 chanel_mini_flap_brick_leather_jacket-7 chanel_mini_flap_brick_leather_jacket-9 chanel_mini_flap_brick_leather_jacket-11 chanel_mini_flap_brick_leather_jacket-13 chanel_mini_flap_brick_leather_jacket-15 chanel_mini_flap_brick_leather_jacket-17chanel_mini_flap_brick_leather_jacket-22

Outfit Details:


SHOP SIMILAR So, what do you guys think? Excited? Confused? Looking forward to it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! xo