Turning 27 on the 20 of 7th.

heyyy june Chanel Classic Flap Vintage lambskin 2.55 minimalistic

Yesterday, I officially turned 27.

It’s not quite the milestone, I’ll admit that, but for some reason “27” resonated with me. This number feels the most relevant to me.  Is that weird?? I have found that some birthdays come and go, and 26 was one of them. Although I enjoyed what being 26 years old had to offer, I’m excited to see what my 27th year will bring. It’s a hard number to swallow, especially since it means only 3 more years until I’m 30… because honestly sometimes I feel like not a day over 21!

Yesterday I had on the outside a very simple extraordinary day… but it couldn’t have been more perfect. My boyfriend of 7 years flew in to stay with me for the week, and I was able to spend it with all 4 of my siblings together! No one was working, no one was too busy, and to be able to just have that day to spend with my younger siblings, doing something we all enjoy was such a blessing. With the Pokemon Go craze at the moment, we couldn’t pick anything better to do than catch Pokemon at Semaphore. Yes, you can roll your eyes at how media and technology has warped today’s perception of fun… but just leave the people be. It is what it is – it’s fun. Anyways, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day, and the night was even more perfect to have been able to spend it with some of my closest friends in Adelaide… topped off with finally being able to wear my HG Vintage Chanel Classic Flap. Oh Mumma.

Overall, it was a perfect day.

chanel_27thbirthdaysemaphore-4Vintage Chanel Classic Flap Outfit lambskin heyyyjune heyyy juneVintage Chanel Classic Flap Outfit lambskin heyyyjune heyyy june Vintage Chanel Classic Flap Outfit lambskin heyyyjune heyyy junechanel_27thbirthdaysemaphore-3chanel_27thbirthdaysemaphore-16heyyy june new look newlook tie lace up block heels Vintage Chanel Classic Flap Outfit lambskin heyyyjune heyyy juneheyyy june camel coat chanel_27thbirthdaysemaphore-50 chanel_27thbirthdaysemaphore-2chanel_27thbirthdaysemaphore-48

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  • happy birthday beautiful gal
    i hope you had a fabulous birthday and got spoiled rotten by your loved ones.


  • Happy birthday girl !
    You’re absolutely right, you might actually look like you just turned 21 :p
    I am also a July gal and will be turning 22 tomorrow which sound a bit crazy to me. Also can’t wait to see what this year is gonna bring. Such a good thing to be born in July so it is kind of in the middle of the year !
    Your new bag is FAB and is on my dream handbag wishlist for like .. 10 years actully (just counted ..oh my !!) and I hope it will be mine someday. Could you do a little review on it ? I’d love to hear your thoughts. And also why you chose the lambskin leather and not the caviar (because from what i’ve heard/read, the caviar is known to be a bit more durable and sturdy than the lambskin ?). Thank you so so much in advance. And againnnnn happy birthdayyyyy !!!!

    – Audrey