High Tea to Celebrate the new-found free time.

High Tea to Celebrate the new-found free time.

Last week I was able to spend a lovely weekend relaxing with friends and enjoying the time we’ve finally been rewarded after 5 years of study.

For those who dont know, I’m currently in my final year of medicine which is the most anticipated year for the whole course of MBBS. In my degree, our “final” exams are in 5th year (last year) and thus 6 year is essentially our pre-internship year. It’s almost guaranteed that we will be graduating this year, which has removed an immense amount of pressure on all of us. It’s as if we’ve been handed our life back to us – free to do with it whatever we want. I’ve been indulging myself in this new-found “free time”, dedicating many hours to watching movies daily, guiltlessly sleeping in on weekends, enthusiastically part-taking in new hobbies & activities,  and of course, trying to be more interactive on my youtube, blog and now facebook.

It’s been a long 5 years, with many ups and downs – some days being more bleek than others. With the increasing numbers of medical students graduating each year, it’s hard to appreciate the process of achieving a medical degree to become a Doctor. But I tell you, It’s damn hard. Not only is it intellectually draining, the pure duration of the degree is enough to challenge any person. Nearly every year there is a college mate or close friend who are graduating out of their 3-4 year course, moving to a new house, going to new places, meeting new people. And all the while, you’re stuck in the same place, same degree, same people and with the same never ending questioning of “is this really what I want to do?”.

You question everything – your abilities, your motivation, your determination… your future. And every single year when that dreaded “end of year” exams come around, there’s almost always an emotional/mental break down. It’s almost inevitable that there will be weeks of unhealthy eating, weeks of sleepless nights, and weeks of residing in the medical school study room – all so you can pass a 3hr long, 50 page exam. (There are also OSCE’s but thats a whole lot of completely different stressing…)

Nonetheless, every year, it all pays off. And finally, here I am, at the final year of my degree, with all the time in the world.

So, all that just to say I have more free time? Yeh, I know. haha

 photo hightea_zps030833c5.jpg

 photo hightea_zps030833c5.jpg photo hightea_zps030833c5.jpg
 photo hightea_zps030833c5.jpg
 photo hightea_zps030833c5.jpg
 photo hightea_zps030833c5.jpg photo hightea_zps030833c5.jpg

Hope you guys enjoy the photos!
Thanks for all of your ongoing support and especially last year with all of the final exams stressing. You have all meant the world to me <3

  • Good luck! Wish you all the best, you should be very proud of yourself 🙂

    • thank you so much! 🙂

  • sounds like you have well deserved this! love the photography! love your blog btw 🙂

  • Ugh looks so yummy. I love high tea. Congratulations and that is so awesome.

    • haha yes, high teas are amaze <3 thank you 🙂

  • I take my hat off to you! Such hard work you should be so damn proud of yourself! Now it's time to visit Melbourne lol 😛

    • Thanks so much Jo!! I know I really want to visit melbourne!! I actually would LOVE to live there, but the hospitals there are sooo competitive!! But when I do come, definitely giving you a buzz!! 😀 xoxo

  • Firstly, sorry for the long and rambling post but this is exciting.
    Secondly, although I barely know you, this is def one of your enjoyable blog entrys yet to read, and I'm super excited for you that you're graduating (and especially to become a doctor) so I can imagine how happy you must be!
    Being in my last year of uni too, albeit of a much less demanding course, (I was technically meant to graduate 2 years ago so also had the whole friends-leaving-me-behind moments), I'm now in the final weeks and feeling slightly less pressured now that my long-planned movie night marathon is within sight so I'm glad you're enjoying some sweet freedom too!
    One of my friends in in his 2nd year of medicine now, after a 3 yr biomedical sciences course, so I get the level of dedication involved in making it to the end, we all know how smart you have to be become a doctor & I think you should be proud as f***! So well done! Btw, can we get some kind of Dr June, Medicine Woman: Graduation Day post when the time comes? lol

    Love from the UK,

    P.S Thank you for combining two of my favourite things, food and great quality photography 🙂

    • awww – firstly: rambling absolutely welcomed. Love hearing what you have to say!
      secondly – CONGRATS!!! Well done you, your hard work as finally paid off!
      lastly – thank you so much. I honestly thought I would never see the day I was in my final year. I'm in an undergraduate course (so 6 years) and I remember seeing the 6th year students in my first year and wishing I was them. And now I am!! It's just crazy!


  • Ahw dear, this is such an in-depth post of your personal life and thoughts! I know the feeling of self-doubt creeping into your head, but in the end, hard work always pays off.


    • thank you so much 🙂 There are definitely times where it's so hard to be optimistic and see past all the self-doubt and loneliness, but life goes on! And yes, hard word does pay off! (Although now I've been super lazy and rewarding all that "hard work" with bludging) haha

  • well done juna! finishing med school AND becoming an awesome star <3 haha free time huh. was wondering how come you started posting lots. so, how about jobs? rdh together next year? 😉

    • thanks winnie! Really RDH? nooo. I'm thinking GC and hopefully shivvy will stay if I get it. Come onnnn come to CG!

  • Well done girl! I'm in my second year of a three year course and it feels like I've been here forever, so I can't even begin to imagine how you're feeling! Enjoy your time off, you totally deserve it!! xxx

  • Hey girl! Im a fellow Aussie, but now living in Canada! I would love it if you could check out my blog! Maybe we could follow one another!

    Take Care xxo

  • you are invited to follow my blog

  • Looks amazing! Hmm! x

  • Nice post! It all looks sooo yum! I would love it if you could check out my blog! http://jourdinlamoda.blogspot.co.uk/


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