Outfit Post.

Outfit Post.

Hi Everyone I’ve just returned from the provinces for my grandmother’s funeral. I do want to dedicate a separate post for her but I guess now is not the right time. Overall, the trip was nice and I was able to finally get closure. However I do still feel like it’s unreal somewhat, and I have to keep reminding myself that she really is gone.

I do have some videos that I would like to edit and have up so stay tuned for that, but for now I figured that easiest thing to update would be this blog with an outfit post that I wore just the other day. Not much to say about this outfit but I am absolutely loving these faux-leather shorts from newlook that I was lucky to find in the kids section. I’m telling y’all, dont knock it until you try it. I usually find my wonderfully form-flattering clothing pieces from the kids section, so definately hit it up! Also would like to thank my beautiful little sister (who is only just 11yo) for taking these lovely pics. Thanks babygirl <3

So on with the pictures!




Thrifted Black Studded Sleeveless Button-up || Thrifted Black Belt || New look Brown Faux-Leather Shorts || Rubi Shoes Nude Pointed Shoes (not shown) || Alexander Wang Inspired Studded Duffel Bag (not shown) || Derek Cardigan 7014 Glasses

  • Wow, your sis takes some great photos, you look gorgeous! Also, sorry for your loss. Keep you chin up <3

  • I love those shorts and you are so gorgeous! I'm really happy your blogging more now, makes my day 🙂

  • June, my heart goes out to you and your family. <3

    Love the entire outfit! Gorgeous!

  • you look amazing! Love your leather shorts! 🙂
    (sorry for your lost)


  • great post!


  • Oops accidentally deleted lol…
    Yay for more blog posts! But I think I would like these shorts in a charcoal grey. You look especially great in the last picture btw 🙂
    Sorry to hear about your grandmother though, I can imagine how devastated you feel.

  • Jac

    Sorry about your grandma, hope you're keeping you head up. Love the outfit and your YouTube channel!



  • you have gorgeous hair! i loveeee love your ombre!

    Laura x


  • Not all processes of life are beautiful, but her spirit lives on through you, you are an inspiration girl!