City Camo

As I’ve mentioned time and time again, I’ll miss Adelaide’s picturesque city sidewalks. This month has been so busy, and I apologise for that! If you watched my recent Q&A, you may know that I’ve been busy prepping for an exam. Thankfully that’s all done, but now moving onto the next job – and that’s moving out. I’ll be moving to Brisbane start of next month, so it’s going to be another busy month unfortunately. I also want to start… View Post

The Spring Yeti

My blog posts are all over the place lately, and I’m so sorry about that. I’m trying to stick to my schedule of posting every Monday + Friday, but thats clearly gone out the window. Partly to blame is the fact that I’m currently trying to study for an upcoming exam, and whilst I have a few days of study leave I’m trying to cram up to 10 lectures a day… not really possible. So I have been meaning to… View Post

#AW16 Staple Styling: The Oversized Knit (Part 2)

Sorry for the late post guys, but this is my part 2 on styling an oversized jumper. This time I’ve chosen to style it with my favourite pair of straight leg jeans for a more casual laid-back vibe. Because the straight leg jeans, oversized jumper and oversized leather jacket doesn’t really lend much to a feminine figure, I’ve teamed this look with a dainty Chanel WOC to add that luxe girly-ness to the look. This is such an easy and… View Post

#AW16 Staple Styling: The oversized knit

Ah the oversized knit. One piece of clothing that I bring out year after year. And this gorgeous cream knit from ASOS has been an autumn/winter favourite for years. Three years to be exact. It is honestly the most perfect knit, and althought it’s sold out now, I still need to stress to everyone who doesnt already own a cream oversized knit – you need one in your life! It is just the perfect styling piece, and although I feel like I have not… View Post

NEW IN: Celine Mini Belt Bag

I’ve done it again guys. Say hello to my new-to-me Celine belt bag! So this bag needs no introduction, but if you havent seen my youtube video yet, this gorgeous Celine Belt Bag is the latest addition to my handbag family! Now I did already go into significant dept about this bag when I unboxed it on my youtube channel, but I cant tell you how excited I am to have this in my grubby little hands. I’ve honestly been obssessing… View Post