#AW16 Staple Styling: The Straight leg (Part I)

Welcome back to the 2nd week of my staple styling series! Today, I have to share with you guys my love for the straight leg jeans!   So you may have already witnessed by absolute adoration for these particular pair of straight leg jeans from Topshop, but if you didn’t, here it is: I absolutely bloody love them!! They have been one of my favourite pairs to style during autumn winter, and even coming into spring I’m still reaching for them! Like any pair… View Post

A reminder to stay inspired!

Congratulations Mr. Engineer! Two days ago we were lucky enough to be able to celebrate my dearest brother Joseph’s Graduation ceremony. It was only 3 years ago that I was able to graduate myself with the most amazing feeling of accomplishment, and I couldn’t be happier for my brother to be able to experience that same feeling. During the ceremony there was a very inspiring speaker who reminded us that although knowledge informs us, education transforms us. The process of going to… View Post

Spring Sunset on North Terrace

I love these photos. It was just the perfect timing for the perfect lighting. Not only that, but the weather was just right. It was cool enough to wear a coat, but warm enough to wear cropped jeans and a sleeveless knit. I love days like these, especially when spent strolling down Adelaide’s gorgeous North Terrace. These photos remind me of exactly how much I’ll miss Adelaide. Over the next few months, I’ll be preparing to move again, this time to… View Post

#AW16 Staple Styling: The Leather Jacket (Part 2)

So we are back guys, with another styling inspo for our ever versatile “leather jacket”. Now I do have to apologise, this hasn’t strayed too far from the previous outfit style, with a very similar colour palette, but I just love how a grey shirt looks under a leather jacket. It just looks so effortless. Obviously go ahead and team it with possibly a white sweater underneath instead to break up the look, but I find grey with black add… View Post

#AW16 Staple Styling: The Leather Jacket (Part 1)

Whilst all of use here in the southern hemisphere are approaching Spring & Summer, I know that a lot of you guys in North America/UK/Europe are actually going into Autumn/Winter (lucky ducks!). Now I don’t want that when you guys read my blog that you feel completely disconnected from the photos, so I’ve actually accumulated several of my A/W2016 looks to publish in the next few weeks. Initially I just wanted to incorporate them into my blog on a weekly… View Post