How I Style: Straight leg jeans

So I never thought I would be a fan of straight leg jeans… But the obsession is real guys! This actually isn’t my favourite pair, but it’s still amazing nonetheless. Probably the closest I could get to the vintage Levis 501, and so hard to believe they were from ASOS! I’ve folded the hem to make them more suitable for my petite frame, but I actually also really like the effect. I’m thinking about fraying the hem, but then decided… View Post

Oversized Knit

This zara knit is just amazing. I featured it on my haul video previously, but it is just the most comfiest softest knit… ever! Not to mention how warm it keeps you! Now it does fall at a strange length, and being so oversized, to keep it from overwhelming me I needed to slim it down with some black leggings. And of course what happens when you team an oversized knit with leggings? Blissful comfort dressing. Now to keep it from looking like… View Post

Borrowed from the boys

Sometimes it pays to have some fashion-conscious siblings – because I can borrow their stuff! So my brother’s sweater somehow found itself in my closet, and upon discovering it I realised I really liked the oversize/laid back style when I tried it on! Of course I borrowed it that same day, add a bomber that I also borrowed from my sister, and I’ve got an easy laid-back androgynous look! It’s definitely not a style I gravitate towards often, but it’s… View Post

Feeling peachy in winter

Spring, is that you? So I have to apologise, the past two weeks got pretty busy unfortunately. I’m currently in Brisbane and boy, is it warm. Maybe warm would not be the most accurate word, but lets admit it, 20 degrees is not exactly cold either. A lot of people hate the cold, but I’m actually not one to shy away from it (I’ll take it over 40 degree weather any day of the week!). But knowing that it’ll only be a few… View Post

How I Style: Denim Culottes

So these denim culottes have me obsessed. This is one of my favourite shoots so far, and I just loveeee how these denim culottes from Mango look! I have only recently discovered the MANGO online website… and holy, I went a little cray. The reason I went on the website was because I was looking for the Chloe tie mule dupes that everyone on instagram have been going crazy for.. and then I discovered their denim. In particular these cute pair of… View Post